Friday, October 28, 2011


Happy Howling Halloween from Dr. Chewy Nho
Who let the dogs out? Woof woof woof woof woof! Who let the dogs out, in costume?!? Oh yeah! I like to get dressed up which makes Halloween one of my favorite holidays of the year. There are sooo many outfits to choose from and this year I purchased my outfit from Happy Go Lucky Dog Boutique. Even though I bought my outfit at one place does not mean that I only attend one event. This year I was able to visit two dog-centric Halloween events.

My first Halloween event was put together by Lilu and Mac, my Meetup Yorkie social planners. Most of my Yorkie friends came out in costume and strutted their stuff at Reed Street Dog Park in Santa Clara. I invited my pal Clyde to join the social group and hang out at the dog park. He came with his mommy Marlene. Clyde dressed up as a witch and I dressed as a dogtor. We had lots of fun running around with the other bumble bees, lady bugs, candy corns, and pumpkins. I cannot wait for my holiday social. I get to wear my homemade elf costume. Woof!
We was having stethoscope and hat problems during the entire party.

2011 Howling Halloween, Los Gatos, CA
The biggest Halloween event I have ever attended and seen was held in Los Gatos with the help of Society Dog. My mom and I love Society Dog and cannot wait to attend the event again next year. There are hundreds of dogs that come out and dress up with entire human families. My mom and I came dressed as clowns this year. I left the event with a full tummy and bag of treats. I could not keep my eyes open too. By the time we were home my mom carried me in. I did not wake up. I did make sure my bag of trick or treats was safe and sound the next morning. I even tried a few to make sure it was the same bag from the night before. I never know if my feline friends, Mooch or Nibs, will try and steal my treats.

This dog made her costume out of Starburst wrappers, wow!

My last Halloween stop brought me full circle. Vernon, a fabulous pet photographer, set up shop inside Happy Go Lucky to take Halloween photos of dogs in costume. I was very excited and decided to wear the very same costume I purchase from the store. Thank you Happy Go Lucky and Vernon! The photo is absolutely pawsome!

Photo by Vernon

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Walking and wandering for a doggie-of-a-cause!

I love going on walks.  I walk around my house, I walk around my mom's work, I walk around the mall, and even walk around my local coffee haunt.  I have dibs on the corner window seat when my mom and I go for coffee.  I always get a treat which makes walking around the coffee shop one of my top 5 dog chill spots.  I also keep up with doggie politics and have found a variety of organizations that are worthy of my support.  The Humane Society of Silicon Valley (HSSV) and The Morris Animal Foundation are two such organizations that I have walked for.

Clyde and I sporting for a cause.

In the morning of October 9th, I hopped into my car seat for a quick ride to Vasona Park in Los Gatos.  The Morrison Animal Foundation held the event in honor of canine cancer.  I registered online and paid my thirty dollar fee, which goes towards your fundraising efforts.  My mom and I arrived around nine o'clock and made it back home by noon.  I visited lots of booths, Okashi Barkery is the BOMB!, received lots of treats and made lots of new friends.

Okashi Barkery is right behind me!  Woof woof!
I also heard many stories about the pain and sorrow that follows when a a canine with cancer crosses over the rainbow.  These stories prove that we, canines, can and do have an impact on human life.  After our walk I received a free backpack bag of doggie swag.   It was full of dog treats, toys, informational sheets and a frisby.  I posed for a few pictures with my vet, Pet's Friend Animal Clinic, who equally loves animals just as much as I do.

Hanging with the COOLEST vet ever! Pet's Friend Animal Clinic!

Clyde and I chillin in the stroller after walking the long and short route.

Six days later, on October 15th, I walked for another canine cause.  Walk 'n Wag is a fundraising initiative that supports the Humane Society of Silicon Valley (HSSV).  The HSSV has been helping animals for many years.  They provide care, shelter, food to stranded, surrendered, confiscated and abandoned animals.  Animal adoption is also included when supporting and visiting the society.  My mom often adopts hamsters from the satellite adoption centers and knows many others who adopt cats and dogs from the humane society too.  I am looking forward to the day that my mom adopts a bunny from the society.  Then I will have a new friend to play with in the backyard.

I register with the event online.  There is no fee to walk and all of your fundraising efforts go directly to the HSSV.  This year, I raised over $700 dollars!  I am so excited!  Check out my Walk 'n Wag page to see who sponsored me and my grand total,  Woof woof!  I truly appreciate everyone's support.  I give each sponsor a big lick, lick, lick!  THANK YOU!  WOOF WOOF!
Lots of sniffing going on at Walk 'n Wag.

There were a nice variety of booths that showcased each sponsor and the HSSV.  The walk was not very long and the weather was beautiful at Kelley Park.  We were one the first out of the starting gates so we ended up walking an extra lap around historic San Jose before the volunteers directed us towards the right path into the park.  The highlight of the day was the wonderful treats that are given out to all of the doggies.  My mom picked up a free popper scooper and a free fur buster.  I know I will use the popper scooper and my mom will use the fur buster to pick up all of the fur Nibbles leaves around the house.  After the walk I was given Frosty Paws ice cream.  I ate half of mine until I had brain freeze.  Then I let another dog eat the rest.  This was another great event and walk for a cause.  This was my fourth year walking in Walk 'n Wag and I hope to be apart of many more. Keep wandering...

 Frosty Paws ice cream for every dog who walked!  Woo hoo!

To read more about the Morris Animal Foundation and the HSSV visit,;;

Friday, September 23, 2011

Monkey Daze is a Chewy favorite, woof woof!

I admit, I am dog who likes to be independent yet make a statement.  I have found that clothes are the easiest way for a dog to make a statement.  I don't usually bark when I am in the company of others so I use my clothes to communicate who I am and what I am doing.  With that barked...
I have a BIG wardrobe. 

Call me a metrodogsicle but I don't mind being dressed up and pampered.  I get cold.  I walk over to my mom, paw her foot, and shiver.  She puts a sweater over my tank top.  I then warm up under the sweater as I run off to play.  I have a variety of brands such as Milk & Pepper and Juicy Couture.  However, my favorite brand so far is Monkey Daze.  I like this company because of their product quality and style.
I currently own a jean jacket and a dragon denim jumper.  Both items have been worn over and over again.  I sometime hear my mom complain about the grass stains in my clothes but what does she expect... I am a dog guru with no thumbs so how I am supposed to do the laundry.  Regardless of how hard I play or how dirty I get my Monkey Daze outfits still look great.  My mom has not had to restitch or mend any part of these outfits.  I have owned them since December 2009 and continue to wear them frequently.

The clothing and accessories are very human-trendy with a dog-style edge.  I enjoy the variety in design and accessories too.  For example, I enjoy wearing jumpers on colder days.  When winter hits, I like to wear them daily without wearing the same one over and over again.  Monkey Daze offers a variety of jumpers in various colors and accessories.  I chose the dragon denim jumper to wear with my jean jacket and because of the small belt chain.  I think the belt chain is a cool looking pawccessory.  I purchased the jean jacket as is from Dog Savvy.  The jacket includes various patches and accessories all over the jacket.  After purchasing the jacket I looked up the company.  I found Monkey Daze and the jean jacket online.  The jean jacket online is naked and has no patches or accessories attached.  I currently do not know where the patches and accessories came from.  It could be a promo by Monkey Daze that has since expired or Dog Savvy putting their own spin on a old favorite.  Who knows... all I know is that my jean jacket is pawesome!

I look forward to more durable and stylish dog attire from Monkey Daze.  For more information about Monkey Daze visit  Keep wandering... and shopping!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Okashi Barkery is SUGOI!

Okashi Barkery is a friendly and tasty dog boutique located at the intersection of Campbell Avenue & Page Street within walking distance to downtown Campbell.  I have heard many stories about this store from my friend Megan and Kristy.  I knew I had to stop by and I finally made it to the barkery this morning.  I could not contain myself with excitement as my mom pulled into the plaza parking lot.  My nose starts to tingle when I am close to any dog-friendly establishment.  I could not get out of my car seat fast enough.  I flew out of the car door and trotted through Okashi's two white open doors.  I could not believe my doggie eyes!  Vintage t-shirts and lots of scrumptious organic dog treats.  This is pawtastic!

My mom spotted a Doors vintage t-shirt in my size at Bark in the Park.  I did not know that my mom spoke with Joanne, owner and operator of Okashi, and placed the shirt on hold for me.  It was very nice of Joanne to hold the shirt for me and I cannot wait to show off my new threads at my next doggie social.  There were many other outfits and costumes to look at.  My mom and I were really interested in the solid color tank tops too.  Sometimes I have to get dressed up and where my tie.  However, I do not have a solid color (no design) shirt to wear with my dressy duds.  I sniffed out a black tank top that fit me great.  The size and length of the shirt were perfect for my long Yorkie body.

I liked sniffing around Quan Yin and the doggie cheongsam/changshan.

The one item that stood out most in my mind is the hospitality!  Joanne was a great host and gave my mom and I her undivided attention.  Even after a busy day at Bark in the Park, she was ready to help her four legged customers the next day at 9am in the morning.  She even threw in a free container of beef treats when she heard we drove to the barkery just to pick up a vintage shirt.  This is a great way to introduce your products and your service to new pack members.  I enjoyed my drive and sniff to Okashi Barkery and think this dog boutique is SUGOI!  Woof woof!  I cannot wait for my return to Okashi for another sniff and a wag.  Keep wandering!

To read more about Okashi Barkery visit,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pet People and Bow Wowzer bring BIG WAGS to Los Gatos

My favorite isle in Pet People
Los Gatos might be the "city of cats" but I think it is also the city for dogs too.  My mom and I usually walk around Los Gatos, find a spot to grab a bite to eat and then head home.  During my last trip to Los Gatos we found myself on the hunt for dog stores.  My mom found three stores for us to visit, My Furry Tails, Pet People and Bow Wowzer.  The first place we sniffed out was My Furry Tails.  This turned out to be a bust.  We got to the address listed on Yelp but there was no dog store in sniffing range.  We figured out that the store had been closed for quite some time and my mom sent an email to Yelp about My Furry Tails closing.  My mom likes her Yelp iPhone app and Yelp updated the post in less than 24 hours.  Woof woof!.  We then headed to our second destination, Pet People.

Pet People is a great hidden animal store.   I say hidden since it took my mom and I twenty minutes to walk to Pet People from downtown Los Gatos.  I recommend asking your owners to drive you to the store before heading downtown if you have sensitive paws or do not like long walks.  I was very energized and was up for the walk.  As I walked into the store I was greeted by a very nice lady behind the cash register.  She pet me, made me sit and gave me a treat.  After the wonderful tasty treat, my mom and I began our shopping experience.  We found all sorts of toys and accessories but my favorite part was the freezer.  I do not eat dog ice cream/popsicles very often because they are hard for my mom to find.   Well look no further!  Pet People have a variety of dog treats in the freezer section.  I love Frosty Paws and I found some here too!  My mom grabbed a few treats from the freezer to be consumed at a later date.  I also tried on a Harley Davidson collar and it fit perfectly.  I have been looking for a studded Harley Davidson collar for some time and I now finally have one in my size.  I was pet and given another treat by the very nice lady behind the register when my mom paid for our merchandise.  I love getting treats!

Chewy Nho @ BowWowzer July 2011

Now off to our last destination Bow Wowzer.  Woof woof!  After a 30 minute walk towards downtown Los Gatos we finally made it to Bow Wowzer.  There was a nice clean water bowl at the front door for me to wet my tongue.  There were all sorts of stuff to sniff and rub against.   My mom chilled in the clothes section so I sniffed through the bedding area and the collar section.  Bow Wowzer has a very nice collar selection.  There are a few nice looking collar and leash sets too.  As always I received a treat each time I step paw into BowWowzer.

Some dogs do not know that there are two entrances to the stores.  Bow Wowzer is also part "kitty."  Purrsnickety is an eye ball of wonder and delight.  The small cat-centric store is full of cat themed shirts to cat frames and The enormous cat TREES are really cool.  They look like trees with colored carpet and intricate shaping of the wood allows for a comforting atmosphere.  I actually stood on one of the limbs and jumped in the hole.  I love cat trees and I wish my mom would let me sleep in the cat tree at home more often.

eat groom sleep.... I like that order.
The day came to an end as we drove down 880.  I completely having a good sniff around downtown Los Gatos.  I am already thinking about my costume for the many Halloween events in the area, especially Society Dog's 10th Annual Howling Halloween Celebration.  I was a jail bird, devil, and a pirate in past celebrations.  What should I be this year?....keep wandering.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I am guilty. I love beans!

I am dog who loves to help out in the garden.  I love to dig holes and I love to pick beans.  I can eat about 5 beans a day.  I eat all of my breakfast in the morning so I know I am not spoiling my appetite.  Plus I look at the beans and think... NOM NOM!  Check out my bean robbing skills.  It took one bean to alert the authorities. I really kept the authorities on their toes until I was caught.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The red carpet is always rolled out at Gussied Up

I love shopping for toys and treats!

Gussied Up Dog Boutique is one of my favorite dog stores.  I am a spoiled yorkie but I never admit it when I am being pampered at Gussied Up.  Each time I walk into the store I am greeted by the humans behind the counter.  They always give me a yummy treat.  I also get to socialize with other dogs too.  There are always dogs sniffing each other and trying on clothes.  I cannot remember a time when I was the only dog in the store.  This place is popular and I know why... the treats, accessories and hospitality!  Woof woof!

My mom has bought a fair amount of stuff from this boutique and I love every item.  I currently have over 10 sweaters and shirts, two bags, a stroller and a car seat from Gussied Up.  I am not including the number of toys and accessories I have either... I told you I was spoiled.  This boutique is truly a one stop shop for any dog and his/her owner.  They sell food, treats, clothes, shampoo, collars, harnesses, leashes and much much more.  I visit Gussied Up at least one a month and I will keep coming back for more!  For more information about Gussied Up Dog Boutique visit,

Keep wandering!

Monday, August 1, 2011

A weekend of coffee and shopping with Bailey

Bailey and I outside of Starbucks Coffee
This past weekend, I shared the coffee bean experience with my friend Bailey.  She is still a pup so I was very excited to show her my local haunts and how to behave when visiting.  While our moms chatted and sipped their coffee Bailey and I were greeted by kids and their families as they walked by.  There were lots of kids this weekend because the theater near the coffee shop was showing The Smurfs.  With kids comes lots of petting and scratching.  I like the smell of kids and cannot help licking their hands and arms.

Bailey and I waiting for Tudor
After coffee we headed to Bailey's house for some rest and relaxation in her backyard.  She has a pond, lots of grass and TREATS!  We ran around, ate treats, and waited for the turtles to come out and play.  Bailey has two turtle friends.  The big turtle, Tudor, came out to grab a bite to eat.  While Tudor was on the move Bailey and I were able to say hello before he jumped back into the pond.

We also had lots of fun shopping in Los Gatos on Sunday.  We walked all over downtown Los Gatos.  We stopped by two dog stores and met so many new friends during our walk.  Bailey did not find much for her wardrobe but I found a few t-shirts and a Harley-Davidson collar.  Any shopping experience calls for a quick trip to Biscuit.  I love Biscuit and wanted Bailey's first time at Biscuit to be magical.  It was... woof woof.  She was greeted by Jennifer and given lots of treats.  Bailey even stopped to sniff the birthday cakes... hmmmm I think Bailey would like one of the cakes for her 1st birthday.  Like clockwork, my mom grabbed a bag and filled it up with granola.  I still love the granola at Biscuit.  My favorite is the Banana Nut, nom nom!

This was a great weekend for this dog and I truly enjoyed the company.  Thanks Bailey!

Keep wandering....

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Catnip... is just for cats?

My pal Mooch loves catnip.  As you can see he really enjoys the feel and taste of catnip.  Mooch gets very excited and runs around very fast and then lays down and rolls on the grass.  After a year of being eaten, sat on and rubbed the plant is now a nub or small mound.  The nub turns greens when leaves begin to grow and fill in.

I have a friend named Black Beard that stops by to hang out after he eats at Kitty Cafe.  Kitty Cafe is just around the corner from my house.  Black Beard and Mooch say the food is good and the chef is very nice.  It is only for cats so I will not be visiting this establishment anytime soon.  My friend Black Beard came by the victory garden for a quick visit today.  He found a good spot, on top of the cat nip nub, and chilled.

I ran back into the house and then ran out to the garden and worked my way through the corn and beans.  As I turned the corner, at Corn & Asparagus, I found Black Beard going crazy!

Now I am not sure if I am able to react to catnip the same way that Mooch and Black Beard do.  My close buddy Nibbs says that catnip is good to consume in the privacy of your own home.  Just like any drug you should know what you are eating and how it will effect you.  I have sniffed and chewed on a leaf or two left behind by Mooch and Nibbs.  I did not feel any different and did not get really hyper.  For me catnip is for the cats.  Dogs have their sticks and bones to keep them occupied.  Now off to find that stick!  Keep wandering...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

4th of July 2011

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!  This is a day for the dogs.   Not every dog likes fireworks but I know every dog loves food.  I am not one to be picky either.  I love all of the items that go into the barbeque and come out smelling great.  If I am good and do not beg too much I am rewarded with a treat.  I have a special cookie waiting for me today.  Nom nom!  Keep wandering.

4th of July 2009

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Picnic and Dog Parks... OH YEAH!

I think I found my favorite park, Las Palmas!  I like the large amount of grass. I ran and ran until I could not run anymore.  I also sniffed around the dog park.  There is a sign on the door notifying other dogs to be careful.  A few month ago someone found rat poison boxes at the dog park.  The police came and investigated the matter.  The news spread over the web and Facebook.  Many dogs were worried, including my mom.  I have sniffed around many dog parks and I would hate to stop coming one because someone was trying to harm me.  My mom checked the perimeter of the dog park before she let me explore.  When the coast was clear I was allowed to explore.  I met lots of big and small dogs at the park.  My dog friend Bailey came to the dog park too.  This was the first time she has ever been to a dog park.  She had a great time and all of the dogs liked her too.  I like Las Palmas!  This is a great park for dogs and I hope to return soon.  Keep wandering!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Doggles keep me looking my best!

Doggles are cool!  I have a pair and they fit well.  I like to wear them on top of my head most of the time.  If I find that I am putting my nose into too many bushes or there are lots of pointy shrubs around I will put the Doggles over my eyes.  I am like how there are two straps to hold them on my face.  I have tried on other brands of eyewear that had only one strap.  The single strap makes it impossible for me to keep them on my head.  I have lots of hair and a single strap just slips right off my head because my hair is so straight and slippery.  So far Doggles are my favorite brand of eyewear for dogs.  They definitely protect my eyes from pointy sticks and leaves.  To order your own pair visit     I own a pair of the racing flames with orange lens.  I think I look cool with the red flames!

Friday, June 24, 2011

got mailman?

He comes everyday.  I first spot him while he is delivering mail to the white moppy dog down the street.  The golden retrievers across the street are now barking.  I run to the window.  I frantically search for an opening in the curtain.  I peak my head out and see him. BARK!  He is wearing blue.  BARK! He is walking.  BARK!  He is now out of sight.  I know he is going to come soon.  I pull my head back and look down to the floor.  I jump down to the seat cushion.  I jump to the floor.  I suddenly hear the mailbox lid open and close.  BARK! He, BARK! is, BARK! here, BARK! BARK!

Until tomorrow...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Keep wandering.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two big WOOF WOOFs for Pooch Hotel

I like my time at Pooch Hotel.  I usually go to daycare one day out of the week.  I get to sniff and run around with the other dogs in the small dog area.  Pooch Hotel likes to separate us little kids from the big boys.  My mom likes the separation because it keeps me safe.  But I love big dogs and hope to be a big boy some day soon.  I never notice the cameras while I am at daycare but they are there.  My mom always catches me on camera and makes me wear a particular color shirt so that she can see me.  I guess I run around too fast when I am playing with my friends and my body comes out blurry on the camera.  I don't mind the outfits just as long as I am looking good for the ladies.  Woof!

I have also spent three nights in one of the junior suite hotel rooms.  I was able to bring my bed and blanket with me.  I was given food twice a day and had lots of fun running around and playing during doggie daycare.  There were also webcams in my hotel room so that my mom could check in on me during my three day stay at Pooch.  One evening she could no see me in my room.   She called the front desk and a gentleman working repositioned the camera.  My mom was very grateful for the extra attention from the Pooch Hotel staff member.  This was my first time away from my mom and she missed me a whole bunch.  I really do enjoy my daycare visits and the occasional hotel stay.  I am glad the owners decided to add another location in California.  I have heard about the hotel in Chicago and all the doggies there just love it.  I give Pooch Hotel two big WOOF WOOFs!  Keep wandering.

For more information about Pooch Hotel visit

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Cone of Shame" Update

Today, I took a ride to Pet's Friend Animal Clinic and saw Marlene and Dr. Griesshaber.  Like always everyone was super nice.  I got lots of hugs and kisses.  I did not see everyone during this trip but I did got a good bill of health and DO NOT have to wear the cone of shame.  Woof woof!  This was another great visit to the clinic.  My vet gets two paws up high!  Keep wandering!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pet's Friend Animal Clinic is truely a friend to dogs and cats.

Mom, Me and Marlene at Sunnyvale Howloween Parade 2009
When my mom says "Let's go" I get really excited and start looking for an outfit to wear and my harness.   I eagerly jump into my car seat and get clipped into my seat belt.  Most of the time my mom takes me to the mall or to a dog boutique.  But every once in a while I find myself looking out the window and seeing the sign "Pet's Friend Animal Clinic" in big blue letters.

I have a love/hate relationship with this clinic.  I love Pet's Friend because I get to see Marlene and Robin.  They always give me treats and sometimes I get to see my pal Clyde.  Clyde is Marlene's recent rescue and we have a good time sniffing around the office.  I also like to visit and check up on my roommate Mooch.  He has a passion for street fighting.  However, Mooch is getting older and the younger kitties on the block get the best of him.  When he gets really beat up I visit him at the clinic to keep his spirits up.  Those are a few reasons why I love the clinic.  I really hate going to the clinic when it is my turn to see the doctor.  I recently scratched my cornea and had to visit one of the veterinarians, Dr. Griesshaber.  She is really nice but I don't know what I hated more during this past visit, the thermometer in my bottom or having to leave the clinic wearing the cone of shame.  My eye is getting better but I have to go back to the exam room in a week.  I hope the thermometer is put away during that visit.

I guess every dog or cat dreads visiting the doctor's office.  I am glad that my mom can check out my Pet Portal page, which is linked to the clinic's website, to make sure I am up-to-date with my vaccinations.  This always save me a trip into the examination room.  I know my mom also likes the new Vet Store Rx.  She can order my flea and heart worm medications online and have them shipped to the house.  My mom likes the convenience of ordering my medications online but I think I will miss seeing Marlene and Robin ... and the treats.  Keep wandering!

For more information about Pet's Friend Animal Clinic visit