Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pet People and Bow Wowzer bring BIG WAGS to Los Gatos

My favorite isle in Pet People
Los Gatos might be the "city of cats" but I think it is also the city for dogs too.  My mom and I usually walk around Los Gatos, find a spot to grab a bite to eat and then head home.  During my last trip to Los Gatos we found myself on the hunt for dog stores.  My mom found three stores for us to visit, My Furry Tails, Pet People and Bow Wowzer.  The first place we sniffed out was My Furry Tails.  This turned out to be a bust.  We got to the address listed on Yelp but there was no dog store in sniffing range.  We figured out that the store had been closed for quite some time and my mom sent an email to Yelp about My Furry Tails closing.  My mom likes her Yelp iPhone app and Yelp updated the post in less than 24 hours.  Woof woof!.  We then headed to our second destination, Pet People.

Pet People is a great hidden animal store.   I say hidden since it took my mom and I twenty minutes to walk to Pet People from downtown Los Gatos.  I recommend asking your owners to drive you to the store before heading downtown if you have sensitive paws or do not like long walks.  I was very energized and was up for the walk.  As I walked into the store I was greeted by a very nice lady behind the cash register.  She pet me, made me sit and gave me a treat.  After the wonderful tasty treat, my mom and I began our shopping experience.  We found all sorts of toys and accessories but my favorite part was the freezer.  I do not eat dog ice cream/popsicles very often because they are hard for my mom to find.   Well look no further!  Pet People have a variety of dog treats in the freezer section.  I love Frosty Paws and I found some here too!  My mom grabbed a few treats from the freezer to be consumed at a later date.  I also tried on a Harley Davidson collar and it fit perfectly.  I have been looking for a studded Harley Davidson collar for some time and I now finally have one in my size.  I was pet and given another treat by the very nice lady behind the register when my mom paid for our merchandise.  I love getting treats!

Chewy Nho @ BowWowzer July 2011

Now off to our last destination Bow Wowzer.  Woof woof!  After a 30 minute walk towards downtown Los Gatos we finally made it to Bow Wowzer.  There was a nice clean water bowl at the front door for me to wet my tongue.  There were all sorts of stuff to sniff and rub against.   My mom chilled in the clothes section so I sniffed through the bedding area and the collar section.  Bow Wowzer has a very nice collar selection.  There are a few nice looking collar and leash sets too.  As always I received a treat each time I step paw into BowWowzer.

Some dogs do not know that there are two entrances to the stores.  Bow Wowzer is also part "kitty."  Purrsnickety is an eye ball of wonder and delight.  The small cat-centric store is full of cat themed shirts to cat frames and The enormous cat TREES are really cool.  They look like trees with colored carpet and intricate shaping of the wood allows for a comforting atmosphere.  I actually stood on one of the limbs and jumped in the hole.  I love cat trees and I wish my mom would let me sleep in the cat tree at home more often.

eat groom sleep.... I like that order.
The day came to an end as we drove down 880.  I completely having a good sniff around downtown Los Gatos.  I am already thinking about my costume for the many Halloween events in the area, especially Society Dog's 10th Annual Howling Halloween Celebration.  I was a jail bird, devil, and a pirate in past celebrations.  What should I be this year?....keep wandering.

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