Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pet's Delight has everything for every animal!

Wow.  This is a great one stop shop if you are in need to provide for every kind of animal possible.  Well, maybe not every kind of animal but this store caters to all sorts of animal needs. You can find just about anything from adopting a mouse and buying chicken feed to rummaging through dog costumes and testing light up water fountains.  Pet's Delight has food, bedding and accessories for fish, birds, cats, dogs and many smaller critters and slitherersssss.  With that much diversity Chewy and I just had to visit and sniff it out for ourselves.  Upon entering the store, the nice lady at the counter greeted Chewy with lots of enthusiasm and knowledge.  She won Chewy's heart by giving him a scrumptious doggy treat and was then ready to answer any questions about accessories, treats, and the animals for adoption around the store.  Chewy sniffed out a Guinea Pig of adoption while trotting around the toy area but we could not leave until he said, "what's sniffin'" to the kitty near the window.

Overall this store has a wide variety of brand selection and offers online ordering for pick up or delivery.   The friendly atmosphere, tidiness of the store and the great conversations with the staff will keep us  coming back for more.  Chewy and I give Pet's Delight a "big paws up" for supplying a wide variety of products to a multi-species clientele.  If you are in the Los Altos area and need supplies, treats or accessories for your dog, cat, mouse, hamster, cat or bird then stop on by for a quick stroll around the store.  To learn more about the wide variety of species, breeds and brands the store has to offer visit  Keep wandering!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A wagging response from Calvin & Susie!

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 10:43 PM, Calvin and Susie <> wrote:

Thank you so much for contacting Calvin & Susie.   We knew Paul’s recipes were good, but I guess this is proof that his customers really love his treats!
We are already selling some of the recipes at the store, and we will be happy to send you the treats when you have run out of your supply.   I know Paul is baking a lot now to meet the last minute demand.   He says the treats freeze well, so I am sure you will be stocking up for a few months.  By then, we hope to be baking at full capacity and fill any orders you may want to place with us. 
Please keep us in mind, and we hope to be in touch with you again.
Thank you.
Alli & Joanna
Calvin & Susie
Kilohana Square #125
1016 Kapahulu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One last lick to a local favorite, Five Paw Bakery!

Five Paw Bakery, a Bay Area corner stone for locally made dog snacks and treats is closing it's doggy doors after 8 seasons of business in Los Altos, California.  Paul and Ruby Callary founded the bakery and thanks to them many dogs in  Los Altos and the South Bay have enjoyed a wide variety of homemade treats ranging from Liver Lovers to Cheese Moons and Puppy Pizza.  Five Paw Bakery has been a favorite of Chewy's for some time and he will deeply miss this store.  The barkery will not be open for much longer and Paul already has a sign in the window indicating that the store is for sale and that all items are 50% off (excluding food).

During Chewy's last visit to the barkery, Paul mentioned he had sold the recipes for his famous dog treats to Calvin & Susie, a pet store located near Honolulu, Hawaii.  Chewy has yet to visit Hawaii but you can read more about Calvin & Susie at  Chewy sent the store an email to ask if Calvin & Susie would sell and ship his favorite treats.  We will post an update to this inquiry once we hear back from the store.  Like many other dog boutiques and barkeries in the Bay Area, we must say good bye to another local favorite.  You will be missed Five Paw Bakery and we hope the best for Paul, Ruby and their pups.  Woof, woof!  For more information about Five Paw Bakery visit

Monday, March 28, 2011

Strolling through Touleh

Sunday strolls through Palo Alto's Town and Country Village are a favorite pastime for Chewy and I.  We have lots of fun drinking coffee at Peet's or grabbing a scoop of ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery.  However, it is not the coffee or the ice cream that really brings Chewy to the Town and Country.  He loves the impromptu introductions and sniff sniffs with other four-legged companions and visiting the newly open Touleh Dog Boutique.  Touleh was previously located in Santana Row but to the benefit of Palo Alto natives Touleh has a new home in the Town and Country Village.
Shima Deilami Marhamat, director of Touleh, approached Chewy with a warm smile and lots of treats.  She offered him a variety of treats and Chewy was happy to taste test each and every flavor.  Although Chewy loves his share of treats, the treats were not the only items that caught Chewy's eye and nose.  He was very eager to sniff around so we did not waste anytime.  As we perused the rows of couture clothing and accessories a few items caught Chewy's fancy.  The first item Chewy sniffed out was a Milk & Pepper SPEAK hoody.  Milk & Pepper is a couture clothing line from Paris.  Touleh has many varieties of couture brands and a wide variety of sizes for each style too.  Chewy found a size 34 and tried on the Milk & Pepper hoody.  It fit like a glove and Chewy just had to wear it all the way home.  
The second item that caught Chewy's attention was, of course, the barkery.  Touleh has a small selection of baked cookies.  The barkery items are not made on location so I suggest calling ahead and ordering your barkery items in advanced.  Shima also mentioned that most of Touleh's barkery items need to be refrigerated so what you see in the store display is only for display.  Touleh also has a wide variety of dog biscuits and snacks that are easily accessible in large plastic bins.  The bins are located near the entrance and will lure any passing doggy into the store.  Chewy and I had a great time at Touleh and hope to visit soon.  If you are in the Palo Alto area and need to find a special treat for your pooch stop by Touleh Dog Boutique.  Your pooch will love you for it...woof woof!  For more information about Touleh Dog Boutique visit  Keep wandering! 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Adventures at Biscuits

Chewy had the great pleasure of visiting Biscuits one rainy Saturday afternoon. Biscuits is located in the heart of Japantown in San Jose, CA.

As we entered the store Chewy and I were greeted by the owner Jennifer Pan.  Similar to many dog boutiques, Jennifer offered Chewy a yummy treat and introduced herself to both of us.  Biscuits is a fairly new store so I had lots of questions about the products and store layout.   Jennifer was happy to answer all of my questions while continuing to pamper Chewy with scratches and treats.
The first section of Biscuits that caught my eye was the barkery.   Biscuits has a small yet unique barkery which offers designer cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.  The items are not made on the premises but Jennifer was happy to give the names and locations of where each baked item came from and how long they have been in the barkery.  There were many bagged treats to choose from but the granola treats were Chewy's favorite.  These little nuggets of goodness were located on the center table in square glass containers.  Jennifer suggested that Chewy try one to see if he likes the granola treats before I bought any.  I have not seen treats like these before so I thought it was a great idea too.  I wish more boutiques allowed you to do this.  Chewy could not eat the granola fast enough and looked up for more as I carefully selected a few and placed them in the bags provided.

The layout of any dog store is key for selling products to dogs and dog owners.  The layout at Biscuits was perfect for me, as a dog owner, and for larger dogs.  Most of the salon and hygiene items were easily accessible which allowed me to read over ingredient and instruction labels without having to hunch over or reach high for items.  There were plenty of dog safe toys for Chewy to sniff but I had to bring them down to his level.  Chewy prefers to stick his head into baskets and smell the toys before I touch them.  This is why keeping certain items at a dog's eye level is important.  I am able to see if Chewy is truly interested in a toy without any influential factors (such as my scent on the toys, my choice in color and type of toys).  Chewy has visited many dog boutiques where he will pull out a toy from a large basket and drop it at my feet.  This does not happen often and when it does I know I have found a toy that he will play with and love.  This time around, I brought the basket of sushi shaped toys down for Chewy to sniff.  A few seconds later he pulled out a toy resembling a hand roll and started to lick the top....the toy came home with us that very day.

Chewy and I had a fantastic time at Biscuits.  Jennifer Pan was a great hostess and we could tell she is a passionate animal and business owner.  If you are in the San Jose area we recommend that you stop by Biscuits for a treat, wag and a woof woof.  For more information about Biscuits visit the store website at

Keep wandering!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Greetings from guru Chewy!

2010 Sunnyvale Howl'oween Pet Parade & Faire
Within his 2 1/2 years of existence, Chewy and I have wandered the streets of Northern California to find places and people that have a dog-centric view of the world. Our territory is expanding and we are ready to roam the cities and trails for the coolest doggy spots and best barkeries in the state!  Food, clothing, and dog recreation…we want to see it all!