Friday, March 25, 2011

Adventures at Biscuits

Chewy had the great pleasure of visiting Biscuits one rainy Saturday afternoon. Biscuits is located in the heart of Japantown in San Jose, CA.

As we entered the store Chewy and I were greeted by the owner Jennifer Pan.  Similar to many dog boutiques, Jennifer offered Chewy a yummy treat and introduced herself to both of us.  Biscuits is a fairly new store so I had lots of questions about the products and store layout.   Jennifer was happy to answer all of my questions while continuing to pamper Chewy with scratches and treats.
The first section of Biscuits that caught my eye was the barkery.   Biscuits has a small yet unique barkery which offers designer cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.  The items are not made on the premises but Jennifer was happy to give the names and locations of where each baked item came from and how long they have been in the barkery.  There were many bagged treats to choose from but the granola treats were Chewy's favorite.  These little nuggets of goodness were located on the center table in square glass containers.  Jennifer suggested that Chewy try one to see if he likes the granola treats before I bought any.  I have not seen treats like these before so I thought it was a great idea too.  I wish more boutiques allowed you to do this.  Chewy could not eat the granola fast enough and looked up for more as I carefully selected a few and placed them in the bags provided.

The layout of any dog store is key for selling products to dogs and dog owners.  The layout at Biscuits was perfect for me, as a dog owner, and for larger dogs.  Most of the salon and hygiene items were easily accessible which allowed me to read over ingredient and instruction labels without having to hunch over or reach high for items.  There were plenty of dog safe toys for Chewy to sniff but I had to bring them down to his level.  Chewy prefers to stick his head into baskets and smell the toys before I touch them.  This is why keeping certain items at a dog's eye level is important.  I am able to see if Chewy is truly interested in a toy without any influential factors (such as my scent on the toys, my choice in color and type of toys).  Chewy has visited many dog boutiques where he will pull out a toy from a large basket and drop it at my feet.  This does not happen often and when it does I know I have found a toy that he will play with and love.  This time around, I brought the basket of sushi shaped toys down for Chewy to sniff.  A few seconds later he pulled out a toy resembling a hand roll and started to lick the top....the toy came home with us that very day.

Chewy and I had a fantastic time at Biscuits.  Jennifer Pan was a great hostess and we could tell she is a passionate animal and business owner.  If you are in the San Jose area we recommend that you stop by Biscuits for a treat, wag and a woof woof.  For more information about Biscuits visit the store website at

Keep wandering!

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