Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We are Easter penguins.
We hope you found many eggs filled with treats during your Easter festivities. We hopped over to our friends' house for a Easter hunt.

We got Easter baskets!
We ate a whole basket full of treats, ran around looking for Easter eggs, and fell asleep in the sun. Woof woof!

opening our baskets!

searching for eggs and more TREATS!

Solo and I hope you all have a fun and safe Easter Sunday. Keep wandering... after that Easter bunny.

Who are we wearing? We wanted to dress up and be Easter penguins this year. Mom dressed us in black tuxedos by Mia Michele Couture. During the Easter hunt, Solo wore an "Official Easter Egg Hunter" shirt by I See Spot and I wore a green polo with embroidered eggs on the back.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SoCal Road Trip - San Diego Edition

We loved our time in San Diego. We ate lots of good food, sniffed around the beach, visited family, and did lots of shopping. Woof woof!

Ocean Beach Hotel courtyard
My brother and I stayed at the Ocean Beach Hotel. This was our favorite sleeping spot because we had our own patio and we were steps from the beach. We walked along the beach each morning and enjoyed the warm sand in our toes and salty smelling breeze in our hair. The hotel had a great outdoor courtyard that included a fountain, grass, and lots of seats.

We loved our patio! We sun baked each day, woof.
We stopped by the Original Dog Beach two times during our visit to San Diego. The beach was a 25-30 minute walk from our hotel. This beach is the first leash free beach in the United States.

My brother and I could not pass up an opportunity to sniff and trot around a piece of American dog history. We met lots of local tail at the Original Dog Beach while mom chatted with the local dog parents.

We had to sniff out this dog's dreadlocks, woof woof!
We also visited a few dog-centric stores in the San Diego area. We first stopped by Dog Beach Dog Wash, located in the Ocean Beach district. We saw lots of dogs coming in for baths after taking a swim and rolling in the sand at the beach. Solo and I were more interested in the toys and treats section of the store. We picked up a few toys and munched on a few complementary treats before heading to another doggie destination.

We sniffed out and shopped at Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe. Solo and I really liked this boutique because of the large clothing section and the wonderful hospitality.

Ms. Michelle was very nice to us during our visit. She helped us pick out t-shirts, polos, and sweaters. She also gave us lots of treats to sample while we tried on clothes and sniffed around the store.

We left Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe with lots of clothes and big wagging smiles on our faces. Thanks Ms. Michelle for giving my brother and I the royal treatment! Woof woof!

The last store we visited was Muttropolis in La Jolla, CA. The store was filled with lots of toys, yummy treats, and stylish collars and leashes. There is a small selection of clothes but the large toy section kept us busy. My brother loves toys and had a furtastic time. The Muttropolis staff was super nice and helped my brother pick out a few toys. I am more interested in clothing and sniffed out a cool panda jacket and a Chargers jersey.

Eating at local dog friendly restaurants was a furtastic idea after lots of running around on the beach and shopping at various dog hangouts. Mom wanted to try out Cafe Chloe for dinner. We sat on the patio under the heating lamps while chowing down on roasted bone marrow. To put it simply... THE BONE MARROW WAS WOOFTACULAR! Mom ordered the bone marrow plain and it was roasted to perfection. Solo and I could not eat the marrow fast enough and spent most of the time licking the bones clean. Cafe Chloe was a delickcious spot for any canine to visit.

Roasted bone marrow for dinner, YUM!
We also hung out at Pirates Cove Coffee & Tiki Port while mom had her morning bowl of granola and cup of coffee. The ladies behind the counter gave us lots of dog treats. We really liked the treats as much as we loved seeing other dogs hanging out at this location.

In between all of our gallivanting, we also made time to visit family. Solo and I stopped by our auntie uncle's house. We sniffed around with our cousin canines and also met our human cousins for the first time.

Our cousin Hunter was very interested in our stroller.
Solo was really excited to see to his foster family again. We had fun playing, wrestling, and sniffing around with Solo's foster siblings Sam and Daisy. We also met their new foster sister Lulu Belle. She is currently available for adoption. Check out Lulu Belle's Facebook for more details.

We love this foster family.
We had a blast sniffing around San Diego and the nearby cities. We cannot wait to visit again. Keep wandering.

Stay tuned for our last stop in our SoCal edition. We wandered back up the coast and sniff out some wooftastic canine hangouts in Solvang. Woof woof!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hope you all find a four leaf clover. Woof woof!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Keep wandering.

Friday, March 8, 2013

SoCal Road Trip - Santa Barbara Edition

We love road trips. I like to sit in my snoozer car seat with the window rolled down and the wind in my ears. On the other paw, my brother likes to lay down and fall asleep to the hum of the wind. Woof woof!

We wanted to start off 2013 with a huge road trip. Many of our friends frequently bark about cities in central and southern California as being furtastic pet-friendly vacation spots. We had to sniff out these cities for ourselves.

Before our road trip, we needed to know where to sleep and where to eat. I helped mom search for pet friendly hotels and restaurants on We found all of our hotel choices fairly quickly. The restaurants were a little tricky. I wanted to find dog eateries that would serve more than a treat and a bowl of water. I wanted a dog menu. Restaurants with dog menus are a huge indicator that the establishment loves and respects our canine taste buds. Mommy had to do a little more detective work online in order to find the canine menus we desired.

It was hard picking just one outfit to pack.
After mommy booked our hotel reservations, Solo and I packed our clothes, food, and treats along with copies of our vaccinations. Any canine traveling away from home should have a copy of their vaccinations just in case of emergencies. In addition, many pet-friendly hotels have dog sitters or dog walkers available. You may need to show proof of your vaccinations depending on the policy of the hotel. Mom likes me to pack a hard copy in my luggage and I scanned a copy and email it to myself too.

During our road trip, we sniffed out cool pet-friendly eateries, boutiques, and doggie vacation spots. Our first destination was Santa Barbara, CA.

We stayed one night at the Beach House Inn & Apartments. This inn was very cozy and the customer service was pawesome. During check in, we were given a list of dog friendly eateries in the area and a list of local dog parks and stores.

Solo and I liked the fire place and big comfy chairs in the room. There was a small fridge and microwave so mommy could store and warm up our pumpkin chicken breakfast.

There is a park within walking distance from the inn. We sniffed around the park and met some local canines from the area. It was a nice walk and helped us stretch our legs after a long drive in the car.

We ate dinner at The Brewhouse. The restaurant was a 10 minute walk from the inn. We sat outside on the patio with mom and ordered off of the Brew-Dogs menu. I love finding pet-friendly restaurants and my tail wags even harder when I can order from a dog menu.

My brother and I ordered the chicken strips and love every yummy morsel. After a great meal at The Brewhouse, mommy, Solo, and I walked back to the hotel.

My bro and I ended the night in front of the fire place surfing the internet on our iBones. We enjoyed the hotel's complementary WiFi access until we fell asleep. The next morning we packed up, mommy grabbed a cup of complementary coffee, and we headed to Loose Pooch Dog Club.

We met the owner Nathan Woods and a few of his furtastic staff members. Everyone was really nice and gave us lots of head pats and scratches behind our ears. We made sure to purchase the Loose Pooch dog shirt as a souvenir. I liked to collect dog shirts during my travels and especially like the bright orange color of Loose Pooch's shirts. We recommend that every dog sniffing around Santa Barbara stop by Loose Pooch for a head scratch and a souvenir shirt. Woof!

We had a wooftastic time in Santa Barbara and hope to visit again soon. Santa Barbara is a great city and a great doggie destination. Sniff it out sometime and keep wandering.

Stay tuned for our next SoCal edition. We wandered farther down the coast and sniff out some wooftastic canine hangouts around San Diego. Woof woof!