Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas

Happy Pawlidays! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day. We got lots of toys and clothes from Santa. We were visited by a very special guest too, BB8! Here is a little video of Solo's first encounter with BB8.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Royal 4th Birthday Pawty!

Happy 4th Birthday, Solo Nho Xiu!
My little brother is four years old. It hardly seems fitting to refer to Solo as my little brother. We wear the same size in clothes, we eat the same amount of food, and he can keep up with me at most of our doggie meetups. There is nothing little about him anymore, especially his birthday celebrations.

Princess Obi-Wan
Princess Iris & Prince Clyde
Princess Tinkerbell & Prince Nigel
Solo invited all of this prince and princess furiends to attend his royal birthday pawty. As each royal entered the room, we could hear the trumpets blare and we blinded by the flashes of the pupparazzi.

Prince Bentley & Princess Porsche
Prince Cody
Prince Bullet & Princess Rio
Princess Jun
This year, mom went all out and threw Solo a royal-themed birthday pawty. Mom made sure there were enough tiaras and crowns to go around. She made the prince crowns silver and made a special gold crown for Solo.

Prince Bullet, King Solo, & Princess Rio

King Solo & Princess Jun
She even made a few capes for us to wear while taking pictures our favorite pet-photographe Vernon Jacobs. Solo loves to take photos with Vernon and ask all of the prince and princess who attended his pawty to take a photo with him.

King Solo & Princess Obi-Wan
Prince Bentley, King Solo, & Princess Porsche
King Solo & Prince Cody
Prince Nigel, King Solo, and Princess Tinkerbell
Princess Mocha, King Solo, Princess Kahlua
King Solo & Princess Abby
We served turkey bon-bons and a turkey-sweet potato cake. Solo and I are on a special diet now and we can no longer enjoy the traditional dog birthday cakes from My Best Friend Bakery.

King Solo is ready for cake!
We did not mind the home-cooked hors d'oeuvres and cake. Both items were a huge hit with our furiends and I made sure all crumbs were licked up by the end of the pawty.
Prince Chewy & King Solo
Solo had a furtastic time taking pictures and sniffing around with his many furiends. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate. We are lucky to have wooftastic furiends like you! Woof woof!

I cannot wait for my birthday next April, too. I am already barking pawty themes to mom. Until then, keep wandering...

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Turkey Day!

Solo and I wish you a very turkey-filled Thanksgiving celebration. We are thankful for all of our furiends near and far. We will be thinking about each of you while we are chowing down our turkey and sweet potato dinner.

Keep wandering,

Chewy and Solo

Who are we wearing? Mommy made our clothes with a Jo-Ann Fabric exclusive print fabric and a Simplicity Pattern #3939 (Woof Wear by Wendy).

Sunday, March 29, 2015

A blogger's vacation!

Chewy and Solo sniffing around Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA
Rest and relaxation was in order after three and a half year of blogging. My paws were tired from typing and my taste buds were starting to go bland after licking hundreds of yummy treats over the years. I sat down with my mom and brother and had a heart to heart bark with both of them. I told mommy and Solo that I was ready to take a long vacation from blogging. I wanted to relax and sniff out the world of fashion and treats without the use of a keyboard. They were very supportive and encouraged me to take my blogger's vacation. So I did, woof woof!

I never left the world of technology completely. I have maintained my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts by posting pictures of my Yorkie shenanigans from my iPaw. I would like to give a big FOUR PAWS UP to all of my followers on social media. Your likes, favorites, comments, and hashtags have made me bark in joy over the years. Thank you for your continues support, especially during my blogger vacation. My adventures would not be as enjoyable if it were not for your encouragement and wooftastic comments. Wags and licks to all of you, woof woof!

Solo and Chewy relaxing in their car bed.
I am back eight months later with a need to blog about my crazy Yorkie adventures. My nose is ready to sniff out new treats, local canine hangouts, and the new trends in fashion. I cannot wait to start pawing at that keyboard again.

Sniff you all later... keep wandering!

We purchased a black and yellow car, one for each of us!
Where did we get our ride? We purchased our sport car beds from Vomo at The beds are very comfortable and affordable. They come in a variety of styles and colors. Check out Vomo's Sports Car Beds at