Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Picnic and Dog Parks... OH YEAH!

I think I found my favorite park, Las Palmas!  I like the large amount of grass. I ran and ran until I could not run anymore.  I also sniffed around the dog park.  There is a sign on the door notifying other dogs to be careful.  A few month ago someone found rat poison boxes at the dog park.  The police came and investigated the matter.  The news spread over the web and Facebook.  Many dogs were worried, including my mom.  I have sniffed around many dog parks and I would hate to stop coming one because someone was trying to harm me.  My mom checked the perimeter of the dog park before she let me explore.  When the coast was clear I was allowed to explore.  I met lots of big and small dogs at the park.  My dog friend Bailey came to the dog park too.  This was the first time she has ever been to a dog park.  She had a great time and all of the dogs liked her too.  I like Las Palmas!  This is a great park for dogs and I hope to return soon.  Keep wandering!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Doggles keep me looking my best!

Doggles are cool!  I have a pair and they fit well.  I like to wear them on top of my head most of the time.  If I find that I am putting my nose into too many bushes or there are lots of pointy shrubs around I will put the Doggles over my eyes.  I am like how there are two straps to hold them on my face.  I have tried on other brands of eyewear that had only one strap.  The single strap makes it impossible for me to keep them on my head.  I have lots of hair and a single strap just slips right off my head because my hair is so straight and slippery.  So far Doggles are my favorite brand of eyewear for dogs.  They definitely protect my eyes from pointy sticks and leaves.  To order your own pair visit http://www.doggles.com/.     I own a pair of the racing flames with orange lens.  I think I look cool with the red flames!

Friday, June 24, 2011

got mailman?

He comes everyday.  I first spot him while he is delivering mail to the white moppy dog down the street.  The golden retrievers across the street are now barking.  I run to the window.  I frantically search for an opening in the curtain.  I peak my head out and see him. BARK!  He is wearing blue.  BARK! He is walking.  BARK!  He is now out of sight.  I know he is going to come soon.  I pull my head back and look down to the floor.  I jump down to the seat cushion.  I jump to the floor.  I suddenly hear the mailbox lid open and close.  BARK! He, BARK! is, BARK! here, BARK! BARK!

Until tomorrow...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Keep wandering.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two big WOOF WOOFs for Pooch Hotel

I like my time at Pooch Hotel.  I usually go to daycare one day out of the week.  I get to sniff and run around with the other dogs in the small dog area.  Pooch Hotel likes to separate us little kids from the big boys.  My mom likes the separation because it keeps me safe.  But I love big dogs and hope to be a big boy some day soon.  I never notice the cameras while I am at daycare but they are there.  My mom always catches me on camera and makes me wear a particular color shirt so that she can see me.  I guess I run around too fast when I am playing with my friends and my body comes out blurry on the camera.  I don't mind the outfits just as long as I am looking good for the ladies.  Woof!

I have also spent three nights in one of the junior suite hotel rooms.  I was able to bring my bed and blanket with me.  I was given food twice a day and had lots of fun running around and playing during doggie daycare.  There were also webcams in my hotel room so that my mom could check in on me during my three day stay at Pooch.  One evening she could no see me in my room.   She called the front desk and a gentleman working repositioned the camera.  My mom was very grateful for the extra attention from the Pooch Hotel staff member.  This was my first time away from my mom and she missed me a whole bunch.  I really do enjoy my daycare visits and the occasional hotel stay.  I am glad the owners decided to add another location in California.  I have heard about the hotel in Chicago and all the doggies there just love it.  I give Pooch Hotel two big WOOF WOOFs!  Keep wandering.

For more information about Pooch Hotel visit http://www.poochhotel.com/sv.htm

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Cone of Shame" Update

Today, I took a ride to Pet's Friend Animal Clinic and saw Marlene and Dr. Griesshaber.  Like always everyone was super nice.  I got lots of hugs and kisses.  I did not see everyone during this trip but I did got a good bill of health and DO NOT have to wear the cone of shame.  Woof woof!  This was another great visit to the clinic.  My vet gets two paws up high!  Keep wandering!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pet's Friend Animal Clinic is truely a friend to dogs and cats.

Mom, Me and Marlene at Sunnyvale Howloween Parade 2009
When my mom says "Let's go" I get really excited and start looking for an outfit to wear and my harness.   I eagerly jump into my car seat and get clipped into my seat belt.  Most of the time my mom takes me to the mall or to a dog boutique.  But every once in a while I find myself looking out the window and seeing the sign "Pet's Friend Animal Clinic" in big blue letters.

I have a love/hate relationship with this clinic.  I love Pet's Friend because I get to see Marlene and Robin.  They always give me treats and sometimes I get to see my pal Clyde.  Clyde is Marlene's recent rescue and we have a good time sniffing around the office.  I also like to visit and check up on my roommate Mooch.  He has a passion for street fighting.  However, Mooch is getting older and the younger kitties on the block get the best of him.  When he gets really beat up I visit him at the clinic to keep his spirits up.  Those are a few reasons why I love the clinic.  I really hate going to the clinic when it is my turn to see the doctor.  I recently scratched my cornea and had to visit one of the veterinarians, Dr. Griesshaber.  She is really nice but I don't know what I hated more during this past visit, the thermometer in my bottom or having to leave the clinic wearing the cone of shame.  My eye is getting better but I have to go back to the exam room in a week.  I hope the thermometer is put away during that visit.

I guess every dog or cat dreads visiting the doctor's office.  I am glad that my mom can check out my Pet Portal page, which is linked to the clinic's website, to make sure I am up-to-date with my vaccinations.  This always save me a trip into the examination room.  I know my mom also likes the new Vet Store Rx.  She can order my flea and heart worm medications online and have them shipped to the house.  My mom likes the convenience of ordering my medications online but I think I will miss seeing Marlene and Robin ... and the treats.  Keep wandering!

For more information about Pet's Friend Animal Clinic visit http://www.petsfriendsunnyvale.com/.