Saturday, June 25, 2011

Doggles keep me looking my best!

Doggles are cool!  I have a pair and they fit well.  I like to wear them on top of my head most of the time.  If I find that I am putting my nose into too many bushes or there are lots of pointy shrubs around I will put the Doggles over my eyes.  I am like how there are two straps to hold them on my face.  I have tried on other brands of eyewear that had only one strap.  The single strap makes it impossible for me to keep them on my head.  I have lots of hair and a single strap just slips right off my head because my hair is so straight and slippery.  So far Doggles are my favorite brand of eyewear for dogs.  They definitely protect my eyes from pointy sticks and leaves.  To order your own pair visit     I own a pair of the racing flames with orange lens.  I think I look cool with the red flames!

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