Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two big WOOF WOOFs for Pooch Hotel

I like my time at Pooch Hotel.  I usually go to daycare one day out of the week.  I get to sniff and run around with the other dogs in the small dog area.  Pooch Hotel likes to separate us little kids from the big boys.  My mom likes the separation because it keeps me safe.  But I love big dogs and hope to be a big boy some day soon.  I never notice the cameras while I am at daycare but they are there.  My mom always catches me on camera and makes me wear a particular color shirt so that she can see me.  I guess I run around too fast when I am playing with my friends and my body comes out blurry on the camera.  I don't mind the outfits just as long as I am looking good for the ladies.  Woof!

I have also spent three nights in one of the junior suite hotel rooms.  I was able to bring my bed and blanket with me.  I was given food twice a day and had lots of fun running around and playing during doggie daycare.  There were also webcams in my hotel room so that my mom could check in on me during my three day stay at Pooch.  One evening she could no see me in my room.   She called the front desk and a gentleman working repositioned the camera.  My mom was very grateful for the extra attention from the Pooch Hotel staff member.  This was my first time away from my mom and she missed me a whole bunch.  I really do enjoy my daycare visits and the occasional hotel stay.  I am glad the owners decided to add another location in California.  I have heard about the hotel in Chicago and all the doggies there just love it.  I give Pooch Hotel two big WOOF WOOFs!  Keep wandering.

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  1. It's not much of a boutique. They don't sell any items. But they have doggie daycare and hotel rooms for us pooches. I stayed here when my mom traveled to Denver for graduation.