Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year! Woof woof! The year of the snake is here. Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!

I love posing for Vernon Jacobs!
portraits by Vernon
I love Vietnamese New Year. This is my brother's first Tết so I took him shopping with mommy for decorations and treats. A big bro knows how to teach his little bro how to pawty in the new year. Woof!

We had so much fun shopping with mommy. We made sure to buy duck feet, treats, and Li Xi (red envelopes) so we could send them to our friends.

Lots of our friends enjoyed the special treats and took pictures in celebration. We even hung out with some of our friends and pawtied in the new year, woof woof!

Mochi loves his Li Xi
Lulu, Sam, and Daisy celebrating Lunar New Year.
Baily is loving the duck foot.
Jun, Iris, and Clyde all came over to celebrate!
We wish you all good fortune and luck this new year. Vạn sự như ý! Keep wandering... during the year of the snake!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Keeping my cuspids pearly white

February is National Pet Health Month! What better time to talk about canine dental hygiene than now, woof woof woof!

Canine dental hygiene is a daily pain in my tail. I really do not like a toothbrush in my mouth. I hate saying "aaahhhhhh" when my mom says "aaahhhhhh." I am not a fan of the toothbrush being placed in my mouth. But, I wake up each morning and brush my teeth to keep my cuspids pearly white and my mouth free from periodontal disease.

Brushing my teeth is only one part of my canine dental hygiene regiment. My mommy insists that I eat crunchy food for breakfast and dinner. I also eat crunchy treats too. The crunchy food and treats keeps my teeth cleaner when compared to eating only soft food and treats.  Some of my favorite crunchy treats are from Polka Dog Bakery, Kona's Chips, Blue Dog Bakery, and Merricks. They all taste wooftastic and are super doggity crunchy.

mother hen mix from Polka Dog Bakery
I also visit my vet every four years for a dental cleaning. I went in for my first dental cleaning last year. I was told my teeth looked furbulous and I had very little build up. Mommy was happy to hear this since it meant my daily teeth brushings were working. Thanks Pet's Friend Animal Clinic for giving me an extra pearly white smile!

My before and after shots from my dental cleaning.
I like the poultry flavor of my toothpaste. Mom gives me a few licks of the toothbrush to remove any remaining toothpaste. That is my favorite part of my daily teeth brushings. I love chicken and therefore like any chicken flavorings in my toothpaste. I have used Sentry HC Petrodex enzymatic toothpaste since I was 8 weeks old. I found it at my local petstore and it has works well in keeping my cuspids clean and my breath poultry tasting and poultry fresh. Woof woof!

My brother and I both use the KissAble toothbrush by Cain & Able. Solo recently upgraded to this three-way toothbrush. His puppy mouth was too small for the large toothbrush head. Mommy had to wait until his mouth was big enough for the size and shape of the toothbrush. He currently uses the three-way toothbrush each morning with comfort and ease.

Solo and his big boy toothbrush
I like this toothbrush because it takes less time to brush my teeth. In one stroke, mom can brush all three sides of my teeth. Even thought I am an adult dog, I still have to open up wide to compensate for the large brush head but the quick cleaning is worth it.

I love showing off my pearly whites!
I also like the hugs and kisses from mommy after my teeth are brushed. She sometimes gives me a hard crunchy treat if I am extra still and open up my mouth wide. I am sometimes in a grumpy mood in the morning and don't like to hold my mouth open. When this happens mommy takes out a crunchy treat and places the treat in front of me. Mommy says "aaahhhh," I loose up my jaw, and I help mommy open my mouth. Once the brushing is over, I eat my crunchy furbulous reward. Yum!

Every canine has his or her own vices and quirks when brushing their teeth. For example, my brother always tilts his head to the side when mom puts the brush in his mouth. I used to chewy on the brush when I first started brushing my teeth too. With lots of patients and daily practice our teeth brushing regimen became easier for mommy and both of us.

We recommend every mommy and daddy start brushing your pup's teeth daily. It not only monds you with your pup but also keeps our cuspids pearly white!

Keep wandering and brushing those teeth. Woof!

portraits by Vernon

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl is super doggity good!

I have been watching football since I was a year old. I would watch my uncle Andrew tackle opponents and my uncle Owen fly down the field and score a touch down.

This is me watching my very first football game!
I have also become accustom to wearing the latest dog sporting attire. These days you can find many NFL, MLB, and NHL jerseys, t-shirts, collars, and accessories online or in your local dog boutiques. I currently prefer Hunter Pet Gear when purchasing sporting attire.

There are many online and local barkeries (dog bakeries) that sell sports-themed dog treats. My brother and I are barking for the San Francisco 49er during Super Bowl XLVII. We purchased and already ate our special 49er dog cookies from Pet's Delight in Los Altos, CA. If you don't feel like spending money, you can make your own Super Bowl dog treats. Check out the pawesome Super Bones and gluten-free liver football treat recipes. They both sound delickcious, woof woof!

I normally watch the Puppy Bowl and Super Bowl in various rooms in the house. I like to run between rooms so I do not miss any of the action for either event. For example, I have to see the doggity cool Super Bowl commercials and the Kitty Halftime Show.

My catmate, Mooch, offered to hold a Super Bowl pool for all of the animals in my house. I though it was a wooftastic idea. We decided that every square was worth one treat. Solo and I bought 6 squares each. We spent a lot of treats but we are feeling lucky.

I think any dog can get into the sporting spirit regardless of your canine sporting interests. My brother and I love to be included during any special occasion. The Puppy Bowl/Super Bowl festivities are just another example of how much fun a dog can have during the football season.

Keep wandering and barking for your favorite team! We are barking up a storm for the Niners! Woof woof woof! For more information about throwing a dog friendly sporting event visit Pawnation.