Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy times at Happy Go Lucky

Chewy and I have visited Happy Go Lucky numerous times over the past three years.  Chewy loves his trips to the mall.  He can usually be seen eating crepes at Crepes Delight, relaxing in his stroller while being pushed through the layers of clothes at Hot Topic or grabbing a quick walk outside of the mall.  However, Happy Go Lucky is the one boutique Chewy has to stop, sniff and shop at during each and every visit to the mall.  Happy Go Lucky is located in the center of Westfield Valley Fair Shopping Mall in San Jose, CA.  The store originally had two locations but in these economic times and the desire to be "boutique" size Happy Go Lucky consolidated both stores into one.  This dog boutique carries its own clothing line that is sold around the nation.  Chewy and I had the pleasure of seeing a few Happy Go Lucky t-shirts at Dog Savvy in Denver, CO.  In addition to a variety of dog t-shirts, costumes, formal and sports attire Happy Go Lucky offers a great selection of dog beds, harnesses, leashes, bags and salon items.  Chewy's favorite part of his visit to the boutique is the barkery.  Happy Go Lucky bakes their own gourmet dog pastries, cookies and cakes in addition to a wide variety of gourmet dog treats and food.

Hors d'oeuvres
Personally, I have noticed that Chewy not only likes the barkery but he also loves attending the many events held year round at Happy Go Lucky.  Whether it is a Halloween party or St. Patrick's Day Chewy always comes dress to impress and ready to socialize with the other dogs.  Most of the events include a variety of doggie and human hors d'oeuvres, raffle tickets/prizes to raise money for local organizations and free dog photography.  During the 2010 Halloween event, Dr. Chewy waited in line for 30 minutes for his free photography session.  The wait was long but every dog photographed that evening received a free 8x10 photo.  On top of that, Vernon printed out a few wallets with his contact information for Chewy too.  Chewy also participated in the costume contest.  He did not win but he did have quite a bit of fun strutting his stuff in front of the ladies.  He is such a showoff!  There is much to see and do at Happy Go Lucky.  Chewy and I recommend everyone with or without a furry companion to visit Happy Go Lucky during your next visit to the mall.  You never know, you might just run into Chewy while he is picking out a gourmet treat at the barkery.  Keep wandering!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chewy turns THREE!

Well, today came and went but Chewy had lots to do. Chewy woke up this morning with the intention of sunbathing in the backyard and lounging on the couch. With the sun nowhere to be found and dark gloomy clouds overhead Chewy and I both decided that today was a good day to visit Pooch Hotel. Chewy always loves his visits to Pooch Hotel and finds the daycare facilities a great place to run around and play with new and old friends. After eight hours of playtime, Chewy still had much to do. He came home, took a bath, finished eating his bowl of dry dog food and chicken and prepared for his birthday festivities. Without any hesitation, Chewy adorned his birthday hat and sat patiently on the kitchen rug for his birthday treats and his presents. He was given a smorgasbord of doggie delights from Biscuits. He simply loved the SJ Shark cookies and had to take a nibble of the paw-print cupcake. Once his belly was full of delightful treats Chewy picked up his Sushi Inside Out Roll toy, from Sushi Pups, and began running around the house. He had so much fun that he almost forgot that he had a present waiting for him in his room.  I called his name and he came running into his room 
with his new sushi toy.  He dropped his toy and frantically sniffed and pawed at a red and white puppy paw print tissue paper wrapped gift in the center of the room.  I helped him unravel the wrapping to expose a Camo Skull Mohawk Hoodie from Hip Doggie. Chewy absolutely loved it and could not wait to start posing for the camera. Chewy had a woof woof of a time during his third birthday. He has many more birthdays to come and he hopes that each one will be filled with many sweet goodies and fashionable attire. Happy Birthday Chewy Nho! Keep wandering!