Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall season brings dogtastic events!

What a busy furtastic start to the fall season.. sniff sniff... woof woof! My brother and I we shook our tails at a doggie luau, moved into a new home, and made time to sniff around Bark in the Park before we prepare for Walk n' Wag and Howloween. We always have a busy fall schedule but this year is a whole new experience.

On August 11th, Solo and I thought it would be a good idea to have a themed quarterly birthday pawty for our South Bay Yorkie meetup group. The sun was bright, the grass was warm, and the smell of birthday cake was in the air. We wanted to do something different and set our hearts on a Lawn Luau Birthday Celebration.

Solo loved sitting for treats.
The event was wooftacular! My brother and I handed out leis to all of our furiends. Every paw came dressed in their most festive floral shirts and dresses. We sat on the lawn and munched on the many treats our parents brought to the event.

I was in treat coma!
It was a pot luck and our parents know how to share food. My furiends Zack and Zoe made some tasty homemade dog biscuits. They were so good I almost at the whole plate of treats. Don't worry, I did not eat them all at once. I had to work for the treats and give lots of hungry puppy dog looks to each parent that walked by the table. Needless to say, I got my fair share of treats. Solo also ate his share of treats and then passed out on the sea of blankets spread out across the grass. It was our first and not our last doggie luau. We hope to celebrate birthdays like this again in the future.

We love our South Bay Yorkie Meetup gang!
We moved! OMD! Mommy decided that our little family was getting too big for our one room studio so we upgraded to a humongous one bedroom apartment. Solo and I could not believe our eyes... we had our own patio, our own bedroom, our kitchen for mommy to cook us food in, and a place mom calls the "living room." We call it the "toy wrestling room." Solo drags all of this toys into that room and we play chase and wrestling on top of the toys. I think that name will stick... we just have to train mommy a little harder. Our new home is very dog friendly too. There are dog clean up stations all around the complex and each morning we sniff butts with our neighbors. We have an upstairs Shar Pei neighbor whose name is Oliver. He has a cool soul and a really mellow temper. We see him the most while our moms talk about human stuff.

Its always a Yorkie pawty at Bark in the Park!

After our move, we immediately started planning for our long list of fall events. The first item on our agenda was Bark in the Park! We love attending Bark in the Park to sniff out new treats, clothes, and butts.

We met all of our furiends, took pictures, did some shopping at our favorite dog boutique booths (Okashi Barkery and Gussied Up are two booths we never miss), and sampled a variety of dog treats.

sniffing around Okashi Barkery's booth
Our favorite treats were from the Five Paw and Pet's N' Nature booths. We cannot wait until next year's Bark in the Park. We always have a wooftastic time.

We made shirts for Walk n Wag 2012
We have a variety of items on our agenda for this month. We are participating in the annual Walk n' Wag fundraiser for the Humane Society Silicon Valley. This will be my 6th year and Solo's 2nd year participating in this furtastic event. Last year, Solo and I even made our very own doggie Walk n' Wag shirts out of real Walk n' Wag shirts. We did not want to waste all of the shirts we received for our participation over the past 6 years so we made dog shirts for the occasion.

Solo and I at the finish line in 2012
Many of our furiends help us make our fundraising goal each year and we cannot bark, THANK YOU loud enough. We hope we make our goal this year and have our paws crossed.

Solo and I will be attending two Howloween events this month. We are going to pawty hard with our South Bay Yorkie meetup group at our annual Howloween Birthday Bash. We all get dressed up and celebrate all Yorkie birthdays in October, November, and December. Solo's birthday is in December so he will be one of the birthday pups too. Woof woof!

We are also attending the 10th Annual Doggie Social and Costume Parade in downtown Willow Glen sponsored by Gussied Up Dog Boutique. We go every year and have a barking of a good time. Our tick or treat bags are always filled to the brim, we get lots of head scratches from friendly fur parents, and get to sniff lots of new butts in costume. We cannot wait!

We hope to sniff you at one of these events! Keep wandering...