Monday, March 26, 2012

Bag the doo doo, its a poo bag review.

Every dog that I have met has defecated in the park, on someone's lawn, and the sidewalk.  I do it all of the time.  But, every once in a while, my mommy will curse to the wind when one of my poopy bags explodes in her hand.

Being like any other well dressed and trained dog, I took to my iPaw in search of a solution to my mom's problem.  I knew my mom is into using earth friendly USA products.  So my internet search began.  I search for local venders and national venders.  I sniffed out biodegradable and flushable bags too.  My little paws were tired from searching but I kept on going.

I found a variety of bags that could potentially solve my mom's stinky problem.  Here is the list of dog waste bags under review:

Bags on Board,,
Dog Bags and More,
Flush Doggy,
Flush Puppies,
Martha Stewart Pets Waste Bags,, 
Poopy Packs,

I would like to give FOUR BIG PAWS UP for the following companies who donated samples of their product for this review: FLUSH DOGGY, DOG BAGS AND MORE, and BIOBAG!  OKASHI BARKERY donated their sample of Flush Puppies too.  Thank you to each company for their pawsome support!
Thank you for your support and samples!

Now it is time to see how each bag works.  My mom created a video displaying and demonstrating how to use each bag.  Here is her video:

I think my mom loves me.  I bark this because she picks up my poo and carries it around for 30 minutes while we walk around the park.  I agree with her Martha Stewart comments.  We were at the mall and I had to go out side and go number two.  I did.  Then my mom pulled out her new roll of Martha Stewart poo bags.  The first one ripped while she was tying it. She pull another one off.  It was not sealed at the bottom. Let's just say that I had to wait for 20 minutes while she searched for a waste bag that worked and to find a bathroom to wash my mom's hands.  I could have been in the dog boutique eating treats.  Sniff... sniff... sniff sniff.

With that said I do have a flair for style.  Plus, I am always looking for new looks and trends to sport.  I also pride myself on shopping local and supporting the environment.  I was shocked to find that all of the bags in my review did not display a "Made in the USA" logo.  On the other paw, my sniffing for earth friendly products ended in victory.  So here is my top four list... tailwag please...

FOURTH PLACE GOES TO POOPY PACKS!  I am a dog who likes to coordinate my wardrobe with my mode of transportation.  For example, I like to wear my Buddy Belt with a collared shirt when venturing out in my black bag.  Or I could wear my denim dragon jumper when I am at the dog park on all four paws. Enough said. I am a dog with style.  With this style comes great responsibility in bringing style to each part of my life regardless, of how stinky or icky.  Poopy Packs come in a variety of colors and styles to match most of my wardrobe choices.  In the future, I hope the company considers using an opaque material for the bag or place patterns on both sides of the bag.  Every once in awhile my dog friends would see my poo in the bag and make fun of me.  I told my mom to stop bringing the see-thru bags to the dog park.  I hope to bring Poopy Packs back to the park soon because they are very stylish and eco-friendly.

BIOBAG IS IN THIRD! Mom and I recommend the BioBag because of the strong compostable material.  My mom never had to worry about a "poppy explosion" in her hand.  She felt confident that the material was strong enough to pick up my waste.  The company includes a lot of information about their many plastic products online.  I whimpered when BioBag noted their waste bags were not made in the USA.  Many of the company's products are made in the United States which caused me to cock my head to the side in confusion.  Jennifer Wager, BioBag Marketing Manager, cleared things up and noted the company is moving more of their products to their California factory.  This sounds great to my ears and I hope to sniff out that Made in the USA label on the dog waste bags soon.

OUR RUNNER UP IS DOG BAGS AND MORE!  Woof woof woof!  Dog Bags and More is a great product.  The bags were strong and did not leak or tear when my mom picked up my #2. The bags were easy to unroll and detached. Each one folded up nicely in my camouflage colored backpack. The price is a howling-of-a-deal.  Each roll contains 250 biodegradable bags and two rolls (500 bags) cost $17.27.  Think of Costco.  Dog Bags and More is the eco-friendly dog waste bag wholesaler.  They have great quality products at great prices

WE HAVE OUR FIRST PLACE WINNER!  FLUSH DOGGY WINS!  Mom and I found it hard to choose between Flush Doggy and Flush Puppies.  The companies make their bags with Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), a water soluble material.  Both companies educate the consumer about the health and environmental benefits in using flushable bags.  In addition, both companies answer questions regarding toilet types and septic tanks.  The only difference is in price and what the company does with the money. From our initial comparison, Flush Puppies prices are cheaper which can help when you are on a budget. However, Flush Doggies won us over because of their 10% donation to the ASPCA to help end puppy mills.

The competition was steep and Flush Doggy is our winner. Congratulations Flush Doggy!  In celebration of the Flush Doggy victory, I will give away prizes donated by my sponsors.  Like my Facebook page and participate in the drawings.  See my Facebook Page for more details,

Keep wandering...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wandering Chewy turns ONE!

Happy Anniversary!  My blog, Wandering Chewy, turns one year old!  Woof woof! 

I am still wandering around northern California. There is so many clothes for me to try, treats for me to taste test, and accessories for me to sniff.  I will be expanding my adventures to include all of the doggie delights in southern, central and northern California.  This is going to be another great year!

Keep wandering.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A dog and his wardrobe

Hunter Shark Jersey

I like to sit and look cute.  My mom likes to dress me up.  This equals tons of pictures of me looking fashionably cute.  I wear a different shirt or outfit each day.  I rarely am seen in the same outfit during the same week.  This does not include my outwear.  I have many hoodies and jackets that I like to wear daily.  I like to layer up during those cold nights on the town or brisk walks in the early morning.  I find that each outfit helps me express my inner Mog.  If you are now asking yourself, "What is a Mog?" Watch the movie Space Balls. Woof and may the schwartz be with you!

Klippo Shark Jumper
Here is my current collection of shirts and sweaters.  I have categorized my clothing based on designer.  I buy clothes to fit my body and personality.  I rarely look for specific designers.  But I have found a few clothing lines that appeal to my inner bark.

Shirts and Sweaters

Keep wandering.