Monday, June 24, 2013

Canine Carnival for PAWS SF

Solo and I had a wooftastic time raising money for animals, eating treats, taking photo booth pictures, and hanging out with our furiends at Wag Hotel's rooftop Canine Carnival in San Francisco!

The carnival was a fundraising event for PAWS SF. PAWS stands for Paws Are Wonderful Support. The organization helps place service animal companions with medically vulnerable individuals in the Bay Area.

Frame Your Pet took all photo booth pics.
We were honored to have been part of this exciting and fun-filled event. We enjoyed visiting all of the vendors and carnival games.

Barkn Belly Bakery and Watch Dog had furtastic items.
Push Pushi had cool rain coats.
Waggy Taylor treats are yummy! We dig the chicken flavor.
Wag Hotel's rooftop was the purfect location for this spectacular fundraising event. We cannot wait to sniff out another fundraising event for PAWS SF again.

We love strolling around the carnival in style!
Keep wandering.

Monday, June 3, 2013

So Cal Road trip - Solvang Edition

The last stop of our southern California road trip was Solvang, CA! We had a furtastic time sniffing out a few dog friendly hangouts, posing in front of the windmills, and sleeping in comfort at a dog friendly inn.

We enjoyed hanging out in a big shoe,
posing in front of windmills,
and following our very own bathroom signs on the street.
With sniffing comes shopping and we did lots of shopping at the Unique Dog Boutique in Solvang. Solo and I enjoyed trying on clothes in our own changing area. We even purchased a few of their Unique Dog Boutique tourist shirts.

There were lots of strollers and beds for us to tryout too. We loved the variety of strollers. I tried to convince my mom that Solo needs his own stroller but she did not agree. I guess Solo will be adding it to his holiday wish list this year.

Cool doggie items at Unique Dog Boutique
After sniffing around downtown, we headed over to Fresco Valley Cafe for a bite to eat. The restaurant has a dog menu that is Pomeranian approved. We were ecstatic and could not wait to order our food.

We love dog menus! Woof!
Fresco Valley Cafe has wild salmon, grilled chicken, steak de jour, and roasted turkey on their dog menu. Solo and I ordered the chicken but we cannot wait to try the steak de jour the next time we are in town.

Solo could not wait to dig in.
We spent the night in very luxurious accommodations at the Wine Valley Inn and Cottages. The staff was very nice and gave us lots of head scratches and treats when we checked in.

The front lobby is cozy.
We stayed in a large room with a huge king bed. The bed was big enough for both of our dog beds, us, and mommy to sleep comfortably all night long.

There were lots of places to take potty breaks since our room was on the first floor. We loved sniffing all of the bushes and grassy areas located around the inn. Mom also enjoyed the complementary breakfast. She brought a tray full of food back to the room and even brought us bacon for breakfast. YUM!

We liked sniffing around the clock tower at the inn.
Solvang is a great place for any canine to visit. We will definitely be back to eat, sniff, and shop. Until our next visit and road trip... keep wandering.

We cannot wait to come back and sniff that windmill.