Monday, January 2, 2012

The holidays were pawesome!

2012 is here! Woof! Even though it is a new year I still want to share my holiday activities with everyone. I had so much fun spending time with friends and family while shopping for presents, taking my holiday photos and visiting Santa Paws for the very first time.

While shopping at Valley Fair Mall, I was pleasantly surprised to find my photo in the Happy Go Lucky 5th day of Christmas newsletter. I even received a free pair of Soxy Paws for being a loyal customer! I blame my HGL fame on my mom because she visits the mall every week. Of course this is not a complaint. I get to tag along with mom which means I will get a good barkery treat at the end of our mall rat excursion. Nom nom!
Me in the HGL newsletter!
I did take a variety of holiday photos this year too. My first holiday photo shoot was at home. My mom was creative this year. She used a roll of wrapping paper and a few holiday decorations to make the background. I watched her as she set up the entire background on my white sofa. Mom took lots of pictures too. She did not want to stop either, moms, go figure. After the photo shoot my auntie Jackie helped my mom pick out the best photos. I did not care which picture was chosen.  I was more into the treats I received for being a good dog model. Woof.

I also took my first holiday photos with Vernon Jacobs. Vernon has taken my Halloween photos for the past two years. I could not wait to see Vernon again. My holiday photo shoot was very different  compared to my Halloween photo shoots. This time I wore only a tie and collar. Nothing else! My mom made me go NUDE! I was a little shy at first but I eventually gave Vernon that award-winning look when he meowed behind the camera.

Holiday photo by Vernon Jacobs
My biggest photo opportunity this holiday season was at Santana Row's Santa Paws event. I actually sat on Santa Paws' lap and asked for a new bed, a bag of treats and a new sweater. It was my first time visiting Santa Paws so I wanted to make sure I wore the purrfect outfit. After much debate with my friends on Facebook I decided to wear my red sweater with a white snowflake. I was so excited when Santa Paws commented on my outfit by saying, "I wish I had a sweater like that for my Yorkies." I wagged in excitement! After a great conversation with Santa Paws I had to take my picture with him. I posed as best I could and made sure my ears were nice and perky. What do you think? Do you like my picture with Santa Paws? I cannot wait to see him again next year.

Me and my mom's "shamelessly wrapped with recycled materials" gifts
Clyde and I at our holiday gift exchange
I also met up with my fur-buddies from Pet's Friend Animal Clinic and from my Yorkie social group. Most of my Yorkie social group friends attended the Santa Paws event too. I was able to sniff around with everyone while we were all dressed up. I also visited my friend Clyde at Pet's Friend. We had a holiday gift exchange that made my day. I received a whole bag of doughnut hole treats from Bow Wowzer. Yummy! I could eat the whole bag in one sitting but my mom gives me one per day. The treats are howling good and I cannot wait to pickup more the next time I am in Los Gatos.

Daisy is a wild woman... but I like it!
I cannot wait for the 2012 holiday season. I was so very excited to see my fur friends that I paw-delivered my holiday gift weeks before Christmas. I especially made sure to see my girls Bailey and Daisy. I know how to take care of my women, woof! I made sure to rest before seeing Daisy too. We wrestled so much during my visit that I passed out in my car seat on the way home. I also received so many presents this year that I want more next year. Woof woof! Now what do I want from Santa Paws next year, #1 a bigger treat jar, #2...

...keep wandering in 2012!