Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Solo Nhỏ Xíu: A brother's journey

Chewy Nhỏ & Solo Nhỏ Xíu
I got a brother! Woof woof!  Meet my newly adopted brother, Solo Nhỏ Xíu. His name means tiny Solo in Vietnamese. He was born on December 11, 2011 and I rescued him on June 15, 2012.  Woof woof!

Mommy gave Solo a hair cut on June 19, 2012
As you can tell, my mom is a Star Wars fan and has found names that fit our personalities and particular Star Wars characters.  I was named after Chewbacca because I looked like him when I was a pup and still growl like him too. You can hear my Chewbacca growl in the video below.  I am playing with Solo on the grass.

Solo Nhỏ Xíu was named after Han Solo the space smuggler.  Solo might not be a space smuggler but he is a sock smuggler.  I told him we're not allowed in our uncle's room.  But he is sneaky and slides into Uncle Rob's room and steals one sock at a time.  He brings it back to my bed too.  I thought I might be blamed for the sock theft but mom knew who really did it. He is catching on pretty fast with the other house rules. No going to the bathroom in the house. No bringing outside toys into the house. No inside toys outside of the house. No scratching on the door. He is a really fast learner. However, I contribute his fast learning to a great teacher... his big bro! 

Solo is an orphan just like Han Solo.  My brother was born by a breeder, bought and surrendered.  After being surrendered he was sent to a foster home to await adoption.  The Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue (YTNR) and Solo's foster mom took really good care of him.  His foster mom taught him how to sit and go potty outside while the YTNR showcased Solo's adoption on their website

Solo's adoption pictures
My mom filled out the application on the YTNR website. We then waited for a phone call.  YTNR works fast and my mom received a phone call from Solo's foster mom within a week of submitting our application.  The entire process happened so fast.  We picked up Solo exactly a week after submitting the adoption application.

first picture of Solo and I

I met my bro for the first time on June 15, 2012.  This is the same day I was adopted, too. I was adopted on June 15, 2008.  What a coincidence, right?!?  This will definitely be a party day for both Solo and I! 

June 15th will be now dubbed Adopt a Yorkie Day in my house!  Woof woof!

sitting in LA traffic
The trip started with my mom, grandma and I taking a long car ride to San Diego to meet Solo and his foster family.  We first checked into Motel 6.  This was a great place for us to stay because Solo and I have canine ancestry.  Motel 6 has a great pet policy: they like us, allow us to stay in the room and my mom did not have a pet fee to worry about.  She also found a Motel 6 in Oceanside, CA that is a five minute walk from a Petsmart. That is a good thing since we might need something for my brother before our long drive back home.

Solo and his foster brother Sam
Solo and his foster sister Daisy
We were introduced to Solo's foster mom and dad and his two foster siblings when we arrived at Solo's foster home.  He has a foster sister named Daisy and a foster brother named Sam.  Daisy and Sam are also rescues and helped Solo grow up to be a strong little puppy.

Solo and his foster dad
My mom and Solo's foster mommy took care of the paper work while my grandma played with Solo and his foster siblings. We all took a potty break in the backyard (the humans did not join in) and sniffed around while the parentals talked about human stuff.  The hard part was saying goodbye to his foster family.  They took great care of my bro and I know he will be missed.  Thank you Leni and Ryan!  You are two pawsome foster parents.

Solo and his foster mom
After the goodbyes, mom, grandma, Solo and I headed back to the motel.  We had lots of fun during our overnight stay in Oceanside.  We sniffed around in the grass and around the room. We ate dinner while watching TV, got lots of rub downs and tummy scratches, and fell asleep.  The next morning we headed back home.

Solo and I watching mom pack up the car.
Solo and I have become great friends and brothers within the first week of us meeting and moving in together.  Of course, I had to get used to sharing my toys and treats but it was worth it!  I no longer need toys to keep me occupied. I have a little bro to wrestle and hang out with.

Solo is also learning his commands in Vietnamese.  I consider myself a bilingual dog, English and Vietnamese, and Solo will be too.  I admit I have been a bit defiant since my bro has arrived but I am trying to be a good role model.  I am currently helping my bro with the command lay down, nằm xuống. He just loves to ngồi and never nằm xuống unless he wants to sleep.

He is a great walker too. Solo loves to follow me when we go for walks. We just sniff and walk and sniff some more.  Ahhhh! It is good to be a dog!

Mmmmmmmmmm, Paw Patch Pastries is furtastic!
The best part about getting a new bro is the extra treats around the house.  Solo and I received a hand delivered Paw Patch Pastries' Max's Dozen of Apple & Oatmeal cookies!  I was so howling excited that I wag my tail and danced around Solo.  Solo was not sure what was going on since this is his first Paw Patch Pastries experience.

My bro and I each received a blue pale with a variety of cookies in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  I love the visual stimulation.  Solo did too and he went for the biggest and brightest treat in his pale.

Carla Ocfemia, owner and chef, also made special cookies for Solo and I.  She made a bone with our names and a few woofalicious paw prints, flip flops and martini glasses. I know Solo and I will save the martini glasses for Yappy Hour. Woof! Thanks Carla and the Paw Patch team for making and hand delivering a special treat to my new bro and I.  Woof woof!  Four paws go way up for Paw Patch Pastries! The cookies were a great way to celebrate my new brother's arrival.

Now, I think I am ready for a nap with my bro. After all, we had a long car ride home, I have been training him in a new language, I taught him how to wrestle and have fed him gourmet cookies. Now I get to dream about chasing squirrels and eating more gourmet treats while snuggling with Solo.

.... keep wandering!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rio dazzles in print and on the runway!


I frequently visit local bookstores with my mom. We are both nerds and love to read.  One day I heard about a book called Project Dog by Kira Stackhouse.  My friend Rio and Bullet were barking about the book so I had to check it out. Once the book arrived, I immediately started sniffing through each page.  I liked seeing each breed of dog two times over.   On one page you would see an AKC dog and on the adjacent page you would read about a rescued dog of the same breed.  I thought this was furtastic because it promotes the adoption of rescued canines.

reading Project Dog

Then it happened...OMD! Rio is featured on page 344! I personally know someone famous?!?  I immediately started to bark at the page in excitement. Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff!

Rio and Moose are the two Yorkies featured in Project Dog.
Rio dazzles in Darlin Beauxs.
During the book launch, which was held at Wag Hotel in San Francisco, Rio and her mommy strutted their stuff down the runway.  There were many photographers and audience members at this event.  Plus, this was Rio's first time down the runway.

Rio knows how to pose for the camera!
Rio was a pro and walked down the runway with grace.  The video below shows how well she did. Way to go, Rio!  Woof woof!  You can see her little brother, Bullet, cheering her on too.

I had the honor of interviewing Rio.  I wanted to know what it was like to be a famous Yorkie featured in a book.  Here is our barking interview!

Chewy:  Rio, how did your Project Dog experience start? Did you know the
author or did you just apply to be part of it?

Rio: I was just a puppy when my mommy saw an ad in the Bay Area pet
newspaper Bay Woof. She sent a photo and email to the author but never
hear back. Mommy said she forgot all about it. Then almost 2 years
later she got an email from the author Kira telling her she wanted to
use me for the AKC/purebred Yorkshire Terrier model. The book features
a purebred on one page and a rescue on the opposing page for almost
all the AKC breeds. Mommy was so excited and I was happy to pose for
Kira. We had the photo shoot at Lake Merritt and mommy was so proud of

Chewy: How do you keep your long hair so shiny?

Rio: Mommy says I'm just a lucky girl with good genes! My brother Bullet
has a "cotton" coat, so his hair tangles easily and isn't so shiny. I
have a "silky" coat which is shiny and grows fast! I have to be
brushed thoroughly every day. I also have a healthy diet - no table
scraps, only premium dog food and dog-healthy fruit and veggies.

Chewy: Any favorite products you like to use or a daily hair regimen that you

Rio: Mommy brushes my hair every day with a Madan pin brush. She
also fixes my top knot every day with latex-free hair bands and
sometimes finishes it off with a braid. I don't mind sitting still for
her because she gives me yummy treats when we're finished! But I DO
mind the the weekly baths! I'm sure you agree Chewy! BOL! Mommy uses
Everyday Isle of Dogs shampoo and conditioner on me and it smells

Chewy: Being featured in the book is one thing.  But how did you like your
first runway walk? What did you do to prepare for the big event?

Rio: I loved my first runway walk! The whole book premiere event was so much
fun. I got to meet many of the dogs from the book and I even got to
lick some of their mommy's and daddy's! I'm a pro at walking, so
walking the runway was a breeze! I saw my daddy and brother at the end
of the runway so I had to make them proud!

Chewy: You often wear fancy bows and stylish harnesses during our Yorkie
socials.  Did you wear anything special on the runway?

Rio: Yes I did. I had my special Fabuleash crystal leash in "graphite". I also wore a
Buddy Belt step-in harness and a special dog bow by Darlin Beauxs.

What can I bark?  Rio is a class act!  She is elegant and stylish, in the book and in person.  I cannot wait to see what other projects Rio and her brother Bullet stick their noses into.  Until then, I will just keep wandering... and reading!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Card slinging Jilli Dog and her owner Rick Caran!


When my mom is at work, I like to turn on the TV and watch Animal Planet, National Geographic and Discovery Channel.
I like to watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet

I sometimes see Yorkies featured on The Dog Whisper and other dog training shows.  But I had no idea that I would see my first famous Yorkie on TV.  On July 31, 2009, my mom and I sat down to watch Live with Regis and Kelly.  My mom told me the show was featuring an amazing dog.  I could not wait.  I curled up next to my mom and waited for the dog.  Then I saw Jilli Dog and her owner Rick Caran. What a pair!  They play poker together, help raise money for kids and dogs, and supports the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue. Jilli is known all over the world for her gambling, modeling, and acting skills. Check her out in the video below and see what she does on Friday nights!  She would definitely win all of my milk bones, woof!

Since my first encounter with Jilli on Live with Regis and Kelly, I have sniff out her moves on other television shows such as Animal Planet's Dogs 101 and Disney TV's Johnny and the Sprites.  When she is not working behind the camera, Jilli and Rick attend a variety of events to raise awareness and funds for human and canine causes.  Recently, Jilli and Rick attended the New York AutoFest 454 Grill for Ronald McDonald House.  Jilli and Rick provided the entertainment for this furtastic fundraiser.

I had the extraordinary honor of interviewing Rick and Jilli too!  I admit, I was star struck.  However, I managed to pull it together and ask them some questions.

Chewy: You both have been on television numerous times and are featured in many news broadcasts and articles.  How do you feel about your rise in celebrity status?

Rick and Jilli: It's like a dream! It's a life long hobby, that suddenly went worldwide, when Jilli entered my life, especially around 2003 when I taught her how to play poker and we put a video on Youtube! Now we travel the US, and have done tours in Europe, and soon in Japan! We do trick shows and I give my FUN training tips! My new Yorkie pup, Ruby, 3 yrs old and 3 lbs, is the new star of the show, and that lets Jilli relax, unless she tells us she feels like doing tricks! Ruby does all the tricks (poker, basketball, wagon push, magic etc) as well as some new ones, along with her brother, Spidey Chihuahua, and Coco, pup-in training!

Chewy: Not all Yorkies like to be on camera. Does Jilli like to be on camera, whether it is a photo shoot or on live television? Does she prefer one over the other?

Rick and Jilli: I always say that if you train your dog to do fun things like tricks, and do them around other people as much as often, then they are comfortable in different situations, like photo or movie shoots... But make sure that the rules of rest for the pups are obeyed, so your pup won't burn out. Jilli and Ruby like both print work and taping! They love people, so as long as the people on the shoot are aware that they have to be kind and careful with the doggies, then all will go well...

We have been on Animal Planet, Disney TV, Regis and Kelly, Good Morning America, Rachael Ray, Japan TV, Australia TV, and much more. FUN!

This same kind of training has enabled Jilli to be a therapy dog, and she has been the Goodwill Ambassador for Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, for about 7 years now... 

Chewy: Jilli Dog is a great model.  What advice do you have for aspiring Yorkie models?

Rick and Jilli: That is a very good question, because in reality, up until about 6 yrs ago, I never considered Jilli a model, I considered her an actor and trickster! But I was convinced by some friends to enter her in a Beauty Pageant, and I noticed that most contestant pooches were either carried or walked on a leash. So I had fun, I has Jilli sit, wave to the judges, turn and wave to the audience, do a few spins and such, and she did great! Spidey Cihuahua is the current "Mr NYC Chihuahua King:, and I am sure it's because he did the runway moves so well, as well as his talents!  But I will only do as much work and the kind of work that keeps my pups happy! They love to make people smile, and I'd like to keep it that way, and not over do it...

One of my pet peeves is when there is a doggie event with many dogs attending and taking part, and there is loud, blasting music playing... sad for the doggies  :(

Chewy: I am a Yorkie who loves to wear clothing.  Jilli seems to love wearing clothes too.  What is her favorite outfit and where does she like to wear it?

Rick and Jilli: Well, you will see Jilli and the rest of Team Jilli Dog wearing fashion designs at special events, when they ask us to, but in general, they do their shows with no outfits, because they move better without them. Jilli has a really pretty pearl necklace that she was given by a little girl whose birthday we did... I wish I could remember who the girl was, because she has worn those pearls her whole public life, and she looks beautiful in them... We have beautiful bling collars for Ruby and Coco, from our wonderful friend, designer Lucy Medeiros... Of course, they all have nice warm jackets and outfits for colder weather... I have to smile when I think that I now have doggies that sometimes wear any clothing at all, but I think that's because I mostly had medium or big dogs, and that has all changed since I have gotten into the wonderful world of tiny dogs!  :)  I am even a columnist for Yorky Club Magazine, International, published in Italy and Norway, and have recently written a children;s book: "Jilli Dog, The Little Dog Who Made MR Kranby Smile", about pet therapy...

My life has changed so much for the GOOD, all because a little furball walked into it over a dozen years ago... :)

To play poker or eat a treat? This is the question every dog must ask themselves after watching Jilli Dog and Rick Caran in action.  I hope to one day meet Jilli, Rick and the whole pack.  Until then, I will just keep wandering while practicing my gambling skills.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dexter and Peppermint are Youtube Yorkie royalty


As many of you know, I love to blog on my iPaw.  But when I am not blogging I am watching funny animal videos on Youtube. This is where I found the show Dexter's Ruff Life.

Dexter, the lead actor, is a Yorkie from Toronto, Canada.  His mom records his life events on film.  He is a cool Yorkie with a great sense of humor.  I think of Dexter as the Jedi master of Yorkie Youtubers.  Just like the Jedi masters in Star Wars, Dexter uses his Jedi mind control to give advice to his mom and sister.  Take a look at the training advice Dexter gives to his newly adopted sister, Peppermint. Maybe I should try some of these moves on my mommy.

Not only does Dexter give dating, holiday, and training advice but he is a Yorkie rapper.  He always makes me bark in excitement and smile with laughter when I hear him rap.  I know he is a hardcore Yorkie but I am sure he has a soft side too.

The one thing Dexter has that I don't is a sister, a hot sister, WOOF!  Yes, I admit it.  I have a crush on Peppermint.  No offense to all of my other ladies, Baily, Jun, Rio, and Lilu. Peppermint is a small screen actress with lots of spunk.  She knows how to dance and sing.  I have never seen a Yorkie who could do both... WOW!  Check her out on her birthday.  She really knows how to party like an animal.  I will definitely send her an invite to my birthday pawty next year. Don't worry Dexter, I will send you one too.

Dexter's Ruff Life frequently mentions the need to spay and neutering your pets and to donate dog related items to local animal shelters.  Dexter and Peppermint could reap the benefits of their fame and have lots of toys and clothes sent to them from their adoring fans.  But not Dexter and Peppermint.  In a recent Ask Dexter episode, Dexter reminds his viewers about the many animals who do not have clothes or toys.  He requests that we should not send him items.  Instead we should take our doggie items to a local shelter.  I like the sound of that, WOOF!

Dexter's Ruff Life is a great show and I request that every dog and dog owner take time to subscribe to their YouTube channel.  Let's help Dexter and Peppermint get to 3 million views!  Wag, wag, wag, and woof!

Keep wandering or to quote my favorite Dexter line, "Peace out mother puppies!"

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Raise your paw if you know a famous Yorkie?

I have often wondered who I could look up to.  I mean, I look up to my mom and my pooch friends but I want to admire someone famous.  Yorkie famous.  Woof!

During my adventures, I have met, read about, and watched many Yorkshire Terriers.  The most famous Yorkie I have heard about is Smoky.  Smoky, a four-pound Yorkie, became a honorary member of the armed forces during World War II.  He fought battles and healed the sick.  He was a true war hero in my book, woof!  You can read more about Smoky at http://www.smokywardog.com. I recommend picking up his book too.  It is a good read for any Yorkie and owner.

Smoky - WWII Hero
In the upcoming weeks, I will dedicate one blog post to a famous Yorkie.  You might not know who these Yorkies are and you might have never seen their wet noses before.  But I am sure you will find each of them to be famous in their own special way.

Do you know any famous Yorkies?  Let me know and maybe I will feature them in a blog post too.  Now to sniff out a good book.... hmmm do I sniff a famous Yorkie on the next page?!?