Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rio dazzles in print and on the runway!


I frequently visit local bookstores with my mom. We are both nerds and love to read.  One day I heard about a book called Project Dog by Kira Stackhouse.  My friend Rio and Bullet were barking about the book so I had to check it out. Once the book arrived, I immediately started sniffing through each page.  I liked seeing each breed of dog two times over.   On one page you would see an AKC dog and on the adjacent page you would read about a rescued dog of the same breed.  I thought this was furtastic because it promotes the adoption of rescued canines.

reading Project Dog

Then it happened...OMD! Rio is featured on page 344! I personally know someone famous?!?  I immediately started to bark at the page in excitement. Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff!

Rio and Moose are the two Yorkies featured in Project Dog.
Rio dazzles in Darlin Beauxs.
During the book launch, which was held at Wag Hotel in San Francisco, Rio and her mommy strutted their stuff down the runway.  There were many photographers and audience members at this event.  Plus, this was Rio's first time down the runway.

Rio knows how to pose for the camera!
Rio was a pro and walked down the runway with grace.  The video below shows how well she did. Way to go, Rio!  Woof woof!  You can see her little brother, Bullet, cheering her on too.

I had the honor of interviewing Rio.  I wanted to know what it was like to be a famous Yorkie featured in a book.  Here is our barking interview!

Chewy:  Rio, how did your Project Dog experience start? Did you know the
author or did you just apply to be part of it?

Rio: I was just a puppy when my mommy saw an ad in the Bay Area pet
newspaper Bay Woof. She sent a photo and email to the author but never
hear back. Mommy said she forgot all about it. Then almost 2 years
later she got an email from the author Kira telling her she wanted to
use me for the AKC/purebred Yorkshire Terrier model. The book features
a purebred on one page and a rescue on the opposing page for almost
all the AKC breeds. Mommy was so excited and I was happy to pose for
Kira. We had the photo shoot at Lake Merritt and mommy was so proud of

Chewy: How do you keep your long hair so shiny?

Rio: Mommy says I'm just a lucky girl with good genes! My brother Bullet
has a "cotton" coat, so his hair tangles easily and isn't so shiny. I
have a "silky" coat which is shiny and grows fast! I have to be
brushed thoroughly every day. I also have a healthy diet - no table
scraps, only premium dog food and dog-healthy fruit and veggies.

Chewy: Any favorite products you like to use or a daily hair regimen that you

Rio: Mommy brushes my hair every day with a Madan pin brush. She
also fixes my top knot every day with latex-free hair bands and
sometimes finishes it off with a braid. I don't mind sitting still for
her because she gives me yummy treats when we're finished! But I DO
mind the the weekly baths! I'm sure you agree Chewy! BOL! Mommy uses
Everyday Isle of Dogs shampoo and conditioner on me and it smells

Chewy: Being featured in the book is one thing.  But how did you like your
first runway walk? What did you do to prepare for the big event?

Rio: I loved my first runway walk! The whole book premiere event was so much
fun. I got to meet many of the dogs from the book and I even got to
lick some of their mommy's and daddy's! I'm a pro at walking, so
walking the runway was a breeze! I saw my daddy and brother at the end
of the runway so I had to make them proud!

Chewy: You often wear fancy bows and stylish harnesses during our Yorkie
socials.  Did you wear anything special on the runway?

Rio: Yes I did. I had my special Fabuleash crystal leash in "graphite". I also wore a
Buddy Belt step-in harness and a special dog bow by Darlin Beauxs.

What can I bark?  Rio is a class act!  She is elegant and stylish, in the book and in person.  I cannot wait to see what other projects Rio and her brother Bullet stick their noses into.  Until then, I will just keep wandering... and reading!

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