Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dexter and Peppermint are Youtube Yorkie royalty


As many of you know, I love to blog on my iPaw.  But when I am not blogging I am watching funny animal videos on Youtube. This is where I found the show Dexter's Ruff Life.

Dexter, the lead actor, is a Yorkie from Toronto, Canada.  His mom records his life events on film.  He is a cool Yorkie with a great sense of humor.  I think of Dexter as the Jedi master of Yorkie Youtubers.  Just like the Jedi masters in Star Wars, Dexter uses his Jedi mind control to give advice to his mom and sister.  Take a look at the training advice Dexter gives to his newly adopted sister, Peppermint. Maybe I should try some of these moves on my mommy.

Not only does Dexter give dating, holiday, and training advice but he is a Yorkie rapper.  He always makes me bark in excitement and smile with laughter when I hear him rap.  I know he is a hardcore Yorkie but I am sure he has a soft side too.

The one thing Dexter has that I don't is a sister, a hot sister, WOOF!  Yes, I admit it.  I have a crush on Peppermint.  No offense to all of my other ladies, Baily, Jun, Rio, and Lilu. Peppermint is a small screen actress with lots of spunk.  She knows how to dance and sing.  I have never seen a Yorkie who could do both... WOW!  Check her out on her birthday.  She really knows how to party like an animal.  I will definitely send her an invite to my birthday pawty next year. Don't worry Dexter, I will send you one too.

Dexter's Ruff Life frequently mentions the need to spay and neutering your pets and to donate dog related items to local animal shelters.  Dexter and Peppermint could reap the benefits of their fame and have lots of toys and clothes sent to them from their adoring fans.  But not Dexter and Peppermint.  In a recent Ask Dexter episode, Dexter reminds his viewers about the many animals who do not have clothes or toys.  He requests that we should not send him items.  Instead we should take our doggie items to a local shelter.  I like the sound of that, WOOF!

Dexter's Ruff Life is a great show and I request that every dog and dog owner take time to subscribe to their YouTube channel.  Let's help Dexter and Peppermint get to 3 million views!  Wag, wag, wag, and woof!

Keep wandering or to quote my favorite Dexter line, "Peace out mother puppies!"

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