Sunday, May 4, 2014

My 6th birthday month was pawsitively furtastic!

My 6th birthday, woof woof!
I like having a birthday pawty but why can't I pawty all month long too. Woof woof! I spent the whole month of April hanging out with my family and furiends to celebrate my 6th birthday. It was pawsitively furtastic!

Me in my tux!
I started my birthday month with a furtastic dinner with my mommy and brother at our favorite pizzaria, Pizza Chicago. We always sit on the patio and get excellent service from the staff. I get my own water bowl and a few dog treats. Mommy also ordered me a plate of chicken strips too... YUM YUM in my Yorkie tum tum!

Second, I had a howling time at my very special masquerade birthday pawty. When I was a pup, my mom and I spent many night watching Phantom of the Opera. She loved the costumes and I loved listening to the music. I would even barked while mom sang along to each song in the movie. My mommy took one of my puphood moments and turned it into a grrreat 6th birthday pawty.

I had lots of food for both the parents and my furiends. My mom made shrimp cocktails and ordered dim sum for the parents to snack on while they drank sparkling apple cider out of champagne glasses.

Zoe and Zack

my pal Gigi and I
Rio in her gown
Solo, Clyde, and I
Bullet is stylin' in this tux
Ollie and Abby all dressed up!
Jun in her flower dress.
Nigel and Tinker
While the parents ate, my furiends and I took picture with my favorite pet photographer Vernon Jacobs. To keep with the masquerade theme, my guests came dressed in formal or costume attire.

I am the Phantom and my bro is my sidekick.
Solo liked wearing his mask.
Zoe's wore a cool mask!
Cody did not wear a mask but wore a complete costume!
Jun bedazzled her mask.
Me as the Phantom of the Opera!
I made sure I dressed up as The Phantom of the Opera while my guests dressed up in their best tuxedos, gowns, and masks.

We loved our masks.
Vernon Jacobs was able to capture my masquerade theme beautifully with his array of backgrounds and use of props. We love uncle Vernon, woof woof!

My furiends enjoyed their own set of hors d'oeuvres to nibble on during the pawty. I had pork and apple cocktail sausages and peanut butter nuggets for each of my buddies to sniff out and eat. My favorite part was the cake!
my prince bday cake

My mom ordered me a prince cake from My Best Friends Specialty Pet Bakery in San Diego. It was peanut butter flavored and covered in yummy dog-friendly icing. I had two helpings of my cake, lick lick lick.

I am six years old!
I spent my last birthday outing with my mom, Solo, Solo's girlfriend Jun, and Jun's mom. We drove to Half Moon Bay for lunch and walked around the pier.

@ Pillar Point Harbor
For the past few years, my mom and I drove down to Carmel to celebrate our birthdays. We both have birthdays in April. Mom could not find a free day in April for us to drive to Carmel with all of my doggy Easter events and playdates so we stayed local and had lunch in Half Moon Bay.

We ate on the patio at Ketch Joanne. We enjoyed treats, fish, and lots of head pats from other customers while my mom and auntie enjoyed the great dog friendly atmosphere, sunshine, and seafood.

I had a great birthday month! Woof woof. I would like to thank everyone who came to my birthday pawty. It would not be a pawty without my furiends. Until the next pawty... keep wandering...

I love all my furiends and family!

Who are we wearing? My brother and I wore black harness dog tuxedos from Doggie Designs. The three piece set comes with a harness tuxedo, collar with bow tie, and a top hat. We did not wear the top hat during the pawty.

BIG WOOF WOOFS to Earthbath for the dog shampoo and wipe samples. I love Earthbath products and wanted to share the product with my furiends. I placed a sample in each of my pawty favors. Thanks Earthbath!

I cannot wait for my next pawty!