Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dog Day at the ballpark! Let's play ball, woof!

I had the opportunity to attend the 7th annual Dog Day at the Park at the Oakland Coliseum. I just have three barking words to sum up this event...


What could be better than walking on the field, sitting in my specially reserved canine section or watching the Oakland Athletics beat the New York Yankees?  Maybe a huge dog bone but honestly this was the coolest place I have visited in awhile.  It is not every day that I get to watch a live professional baseball game.  Woof woof! All sorts of breeds came out to play catch and watch some baseball.

I met dogs smaller than me...
and bigger than me... WOW he is big!
My walk on the field was filled with lots of wags and sniffs.  There were over 750 dogs in attendance. I was very eager to get on the field and strut my Yorkie-ness.  I would have loved to run across the entire field but was told we must stay on edge of the field. I guess they did not want any players stepping in something stinky, even though we canines love stinky things.

Many A's and Yankee fans cheered us canines on while we strolled along the warming track.  I was one of the first 50 dogs on the field too.  This gave me plenty of time to walk around the entire track and get to my seat before the game started. Check out our short video showcasing the view mom and I had during our walk on the field. Now I know why players call it "The Show."

We had great seats. We could see the entire game, hear the announcer loud and clear, and we saw all of the players butts the entire time.  What do you expect? I love to sniff butts so why not watch them too.  From home plate, the canine sections were located behind center field.

I thought my seat number reflected my place in life. BOL!
They had restrooms designated for our humans too.  We could accompany them in and make sure they do "their business." I will never fully understand humans and their poo and pee rituals.  If you gotta go, go on any tree, bush or piece of grass. That's my motto.

I look forward to taking Solo to Dog Day at the Park next year. I bought my tickets months in advance and could not get an extra ticket for Solo this time.  But he understood and spent some time with grandma and grandpa.

Mom and I watching the game.
My mom and I had a wooftastic time this year and we definitely do not want to miss the next event.  Now to do some shopping to find Solo and I matching A's gear for next year... keep wandering.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

InDOGpendence Day! Wave your paws and sniff out those red, white, and blue treats!

What a great day to be a dog!  The 4th of July is not just for humans.  There is lots to sniff and see if you are celebrating InDOGpendence Day, woof woof! I explained, to my brother Solo, that InDOGpendence Day commemorates the day our canine forefathers signed the Dog's Declaration of Independence. This occurred simultaneously with the human's signing of their own Declaration of Independence. Which ever declaration you follow, there is plenty to do on 4th of July.

Happy InDOGpendence Day!
My family and I started off the day with a quick and yummy breakfast. I ate breakfast with the family while introducing my brother to my favorite eatery in Los Altos, Village Pantry. Dogs are always welcome on the outdoor patio.  The bacon is really really really really good! We walk off breakfast with a quick stroll around downtown Los Altos.  There are lots of pet/human stores to visit.  We did a little shopping and took advantage of some barkingly good sales.

We love to stroll around downtown Los Altos
After breakfast and some light shopping, we headed to Half Moon Bay to watch the Ol' Fashion 4th of July Parade.  I love parades.  I like to walk in parades and watch them too. I had fun participating in the 2010 Sunnyvale Howl'oween Pet Parade.  My mom, aunties, uncles, my chihuahua friend Coco and I dressed up as pirates.  I dressed as Jack Sparrow and I got to ride on the float.

Sunnyvale Howl'oween Pet Parade 2010 - Our pirate group won second place!
I thought about my days as a pirate during our drive to Half Moon Bay. I kept my head out the window for most of the car ride too.  I wanted to be the first one to smell and see Half Moon Bay. My bro, on the other paw, was tired after breakfast and took a nap during our drive to and from Half Moon Bay. He is still getting used to my life of traveling, shopping and eating.  It's a dog-gone hard life but some canine has to live it. Why not Solo and I?!?

Dude, my bro is passed out!
This is Solo's first parade and my first time watching the Ol' Fashion 4th of July Parade. I am not a fan of the loud music but Solo seemed to like the live band while they played The Star-Spangled Banner.  I think Solo was humming the song too.

We waited and sniffed and waited and sniffed. Then, OMD! There are dogs in the parade! Woof, howwll! Solo was really excited and barked in joy when the dogs walk by in their red, white, and blue outfits.

Pooches on Parade!  Woof woof!
I told mommy that Solo and I will be walking in next year's parade.  We want to join Pooches on Parade.  They hold a Yappy Hour a few days before the parade, let you dress up in festive costumes, and you get to walk in the parade with other furbulous canines.  What could be better than wearing sparkly outfits, waving my paw to the crowd and making my bro wear a red, white, and blue bikini. OK, maybe not a bikini but I will definitely be in charge of picking out his outfit. Lick and a wink!

Dogs in red, white, and blue!
The entire day was furtastic! The drive home was fast and we got lots of treats and tummy rubs when we arrived home.  Solo and I hope every dog has a pawsome and safe InDOGpendence Day.

Keep wandering.

Who are we wearing? Solo and I are wearing matching striped red, white, and blue shirts by Dear Dog.  My mom purchased the shirts from Happy Go Lucky Dog Boutique.  I have not been able to confirm the designer and the name of the shirt on my new iBone. Feel free to leave me a comment if you have more information about the shirt or the designer (website, contact info, additional retailers).

Sunday, July 1, 2012

treats, camera, flash: A dog drama

treats, camera, flash
a dog drama

  The cast of treats, camera, flash
  (left to right) Iris, KC, Clyde, Chewy, and Solo

woof woof woof, ACTION!
Solo: How long do we have to sit here?
Chewy: Just keep looking at the camera.
Clyde: I need some shades, man.

Chewy: What the bone?!? Solo, look at the camera. Dang, the puparazzi doubled today.
Clyde: Yeah man...the flash is so bright I can't hardly see.
Chewy: No Clyde, you just need to open your eyes.
Clyde: They are open. What are you talking about?!?

Chewy: Hey Clyde, before the next camera flash lets make a run for it.
Clyde: Duuddee, I am chillin'. I am not going anywhere. The puparazzi will bring us right back.

Solo: I'm still looking..

Iris: I wanna be in the picture.
Solo: Just stare at the camera.
Iris: Why? Why the camera? Why not the grass, or the treat, or a dog's butt?
Clyde: Just do it so we can get this over with.
Chewy: Just keep staring...

Clyde: You and Solo both fail. Chewy you are all talk and no bite. Stare at the camera... yeah right.
Iris: I am still staring at the camera. Can I have the treat?
Solo: What happened bro?
Chewy: I tried butt it is really hard to do.

Chewy: KC... hey KC... do you wanna go to the barkery sometime? I can buy you a treat.
KC: Let me think about it.
Clyde: Dude Chewy, did you just ask my sister out for date?
Solo: Keeeeeppppp sssstttaaarrrrriiiiinnnngggg

Chewy: We can pretend to be on a date now. My mommy has treats... don't mention I told you.
KC: Hey Chewy's mom, behind the camera, do you have treats?
Solo: What was that... did anyone see that leaf roll by?
Iris: Solo, I thought you were staring at the camera. I am staring in your place but then I get the treat, OK? OK.
Solo: Huh?
Solo: I am posing, take my picture.
Clyde: I pose like that too... who taught you that Solo?
Solo: It can only be learned while staying with a really cool foster mom and dad.
Clyde: I feel you.
KC: Hey lady behind the camera... do you have treats?
Iris: Who got treats? I did not get treats?
Solo: Clyde, smile. You look so serious.  See, I am smiling.
Clyde: I am smiling.
Solo: No, smile like me. Can you do it?
Clyde: I am trying...

Solo: This pose is hard to hold. Hey Clyde did she take our picture yet?
Clyde: Dude, I hope so. I am starting to get annoyed.
Chewy: You smell good KC. I like this date.

Clyde: Can you all leave so Solo and I can take our picture?
Chewy: Dude, why does it have to be the Solo and Clyde show?
KC: Treats?
Iris: I get the treats first! I am still staring!

Chewy: Wow, someone is barked up the wrong tree.
Solo: I am here...sniff sniff
Iris: The grass looks pretty... darn it. I looked away.

Solo: It's alright Clyde. They are gone now. Sniff... lick... now turn that frown upside down for the camera. ruff.
Clyde: Your a pup. You will learn that posing is not the only thing we, Yorkies, do well. We have eyes that set human hearts aflutter, a lick that makes humans weep for joy, and a snuggle that warms the coldest nights. We are Yorkies. Be proud of it and don't settle for just posing.
Solo: ... but they give me treats...
Clyde:hhhhmmmm that is a hard choice...
Solo and Clyde: Squirrel...[flash]
Clyde: OK lets get out of here Solo.

Clyde: Dude, they are back.
Solo: I will keep you safe Clyde.
Chewy: Take my picture... take my picture... take my picture.
Iris: Has anyone noticed how nice the grass smells today?

Clyde: Dang, we almost made it out Solo but the puparazzi reload the film fast.

Script by Chewy Nho

A special bark goes out to the inventor of dog treats and the puparazzi. Without treats or the puparazzi none of this would be possible. A double WOOF WOOF goes out to the Boot's pack for allowing us to use the location and the props.  Click here for behind the scenes pictures from treats, camera, flash.

Keep wandering...