Sunday, July 1, 2012

treats, camera, flash: A dog drama

treats, camera, flash
a dog drama

  The cast of treats, camera, flash
  (left to right) Iris, KC, Clyde, Chewy, and Solo

woof woof woof, ACTION!
Solo: How long do we have to sit here?
Chewy: Just keep looking at the camera.
Clyde: I need some shades, man.

Chewy: What the bone?!? Solo, look at the camera. Dang, the puparazzi doubled today.
Clyde: Yeah man...the flash is so bright I can't hardly see.
Chewy: No Clyde, you just need to open your eyes.
Clyde: They are open. What are you talking about?!?

Chewy: Hey Clyde, before the next camera flash lets make a run for it.
Clyde: Duuddee, I am chillin'. I am not going anywhere. The puparazzi will bring us right back.

Solo: I'm still looking..

Iris: I wanna be in the picture.
Solo: Just stare at the camera.
Iris: Why? Why the camera? Why not the grass, or the treat, or a dog's butt?
Clyde: Just do it so we can get this over with.
Chewy: Just keep staring...

Clyde: You and Solo both fail. Chewy you are all talk and no bite. Stare at the camera... yeah right.
Iris: I am still staring at the camera. Can I have the treat?
Solo: What happened bro?
Chewy: I tried butt it is really hard to do.

Chewy: KC... hey KC... do you wanna go to the barkery sometime? I can buy you a treat.
KC: Let me think about it.
Clyde: Dude Chewy, did you just ask my sister out for date?
Solo: Keeeeeppppp sssstttaaarrrrriiiiinnnngggg

Chewy: We can pretend to be on a date now. My mommy has treats... don't mention I told you.
KC: Hey Chewy's mom, behind the camera, do you have treats?
Solo: What was that... did anyone see that leaf roll by?
Iris: Solo, I thought you were staring at the camera. I am staring in your place but then I get the treat, OK? OK.
Solo: Huh?
Solo: I am posing, take my picture.
Clyde: I pose like that too... who taught you that Solo?
Solo: It can only be learned while staying with a really cool foster mom and dad.
Clyde: I feel you.
KC: Hey lady behind the camera... do you have treats?
Iris: Who got treats? I did not get treats?
Solo: Clyde, smile. You look so serious.  See, I am smiling.
Clyde: I am smiling.
Solo: No, smile like me. Can you do it?
Clyde: I am trying...

Solo: This pose is hard to hold. Hey Clyde did she take our picture yet?
Clyde: Dude, I hope so. I am starting to get annoyed.
Chewy: You smell good KC. I like this date.

Clyde: Can you all leave so Solo and I can take our picture?
Chewy: Dude, why does it have to be the Solo and Clyde show?
KC: Treats?
Iris: I get the treats first! I am still staring!

Chewy: Wow, someone is barked up the wrong tree.
Solo: I am here...sniff sniff
Iris: The grass looks pretty... darn it. I looked away.

Solo: It's alright Clyde. They are gone now. Sniff... lick... now turn that frown upside down for the camera. ruff.
Clyde: Your a pup. You will learn that posing is not the only thing we, Yorkies, do well. We have eyes that set human hearts aflutter, a lick that makes humans weep for joy, and a snuggle that warms the coldest nights. We are Yorkies. Be proud of it and don't settle for just posing.
Solo: ... but they give me treats...
Clyde:hhhhmmmm that is a hard choice...
Solo and Clyde: Squirrel...[flash]
Clyde: OK lets get out of here Solo.

Clyde: Dude, they are back.
Solo: I will keep you safe Clyde.
Chewy: Take my picture... take my picture... take my picture.
Iris: Has anyone noticed how nice the grass smells today?

Clyde: Dang, we almost made it out Solo but the puparazzi reload the film fast.

Script by Chewy Nho

A special bark goes out to the inventor of dog treats and the puparazzi. Without treats or the puparazzi none of this would be possible. A double WOOF WOOF goes out to the Boot's pack for allowing us to use the location and the props.  Click here for behind the scenes pictures from treats, camera, flash.

Keep wandering...

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