Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Solo Nhỏ Xíu: A brother's journey

Chewy Nhỏ & Solo Nhỏ Xíu
I got a brother! Woof woof!  Meet my newly adopted brother, Solo Nhỏ Xíu. His name means tiny Solo in Vietnamese. He was born on December 11, 2011 and I rescued him on June 15, 2012.  Woof woof!

Mommy gave Solo a hair cut on June 19, 2012
As you can tell, my mom is a Star Wars fan and has found names that fit our personalities and particular Star Wars characters.  I was named after Chewbacca because I looked like him when I was a pup and still growl like him too. You can hear my Chewbacca growl in the video below.  I am playing with Solo on the grass.

Solo Nhỏ Xíu was named after Han Solo the space smuggler.  Solo might not be a space smuggler but he is a sock smuggler.  I told him we're not allowed in our uncle's room.  But he is sneaky and slides into Uncle Rob's room and steals one sock at a time.  He brings it back to my bed too.  I thought I might be blamed for the sock theft but mom knew who really did it. He is catching on pretty fast with the other house rules. No going to the bathroom in the house. No bringing outside toys into the house. No inside toys outside of the house. No scratching on the door. He is a really fast learner. However, I contribute his fast learning to a great teacher... his big bro! 

Solo is an orphan just like Han Solo.  My brother was born by a breeder, bought and surrendered.  After being surrendered he was sent to a foster home to await adoption.  The Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue (YTNR) and Solo's foster mom took really good care of him.  His foster mom taught him how to sit and go potty outside while the YTNR showcased Solo's adoption on their website

Solo's adoption pictures
My mom filled out the application on the YTNR website. We then waited for a phone call.  YTNR works fast and my mom received a phone call from Solo's foster mom within a week of submitting our application.  The entire process happened so fast.  We picked up Solo exactly a week after submitting the adoption application.

first picture of Solo and I

I met my bro for the first time on June 15, 2012.  This is the same day I was adopted, too. I was adopted on June 15, 2008.  What a coincidence, right?!?  This will definitely be a party day for both Solo and I! 

June 15th will be now dubbed Adopt a Yorkie Day in my house!  Woof woof!

sitting in LA traffic
The trip started with my mom, grandma and I taking a long car ride to San Diego to meet Solo and his foster family.  We first checked into Motel 6.  This was a great place for us to stay because Solo and I have canine ancestry.  Motel 6 has a great pet policy: they like us, allow us to stay in the room and my mom did not have a pet fee to worry about.  She also found a Motel 6 in Oceanside, CA that is a five minute walk from a Petsmart. That is a good thing since we might need something for my brother before our long drive back home.

Solo and his foster brother Sam
Solo and his foster sister Daisy
We were introduced to Solo's foster mom and dad and his two foster siblings when we arrived at Solo's foster home.  He has a foster sister named Daisy and a foster brother named Sam.  Daisy and Sam are also rescues and helped Solo grow up to be a strong little puppy.

Solo and his foster dad
My mom and Solo's foster mommy took care of the paper work while my grandma played with Solo and his foster siblings. We all took a potty break in the backyard (the humans did not join in) and sniffed around while the parentals talked about human stuff.  The hard part was saying goodbye to his foster family.  They took great care of my bro and I know he will be missed.  Thank you Leni and Ryan!  You are two pawsome foster parents.

Solo and his foster mom
After the goodbyes, mom, grandma, Solo and I headed back to the motel.  We had lots of fun during our overnight stay in Oceanside.  We sniffed around in the grass and around the room. We ate dinner while watching TV, got lots of rub downs and tummy scratches, and fell asleep.  The next morning we headed back home.

Solo and I watching mom pack up the car.
Solo and I have become great friends and brothers within the first week of us meeting and moving in together.  Of course, I had to get used to sharing my toys and treats but it was worth it!  I no longer need toys to keep me occupied. I have a little bro to wrestle and hang out with.

Solo is also learning his commands in Vietnamese.  I consider myself a bilingual dog, English and Vietnamese, and Solo will be too.  I admit I have been a bit defiant since my bro has arrived but I am trying to be a good role model.  I am currently helping my bro with the command lay down, nằm xuống. He just loves to ngồi and never nằm xuống unless he wants to sleep.

He is a great walker too. Solo loves to follow me when we go for walks. We just sniff and walk and sniff some more.  Ahhhh! It is good to be a dog!

Mmmmmmmmmm, Paw Patch Pastries is furtastic!
The best part about getting a new bro is the extra treats around the house.  Solo and I received a hand delivered Paw Patch Pastries' Max's Dozen of Apple & Oatmeal cookies!  I was so howling excited that I wag my tail and danced around Solo.  Solo was not sure what was going on since this is his first Paw Patch Pastries experience.

My bro and I each received a blue pale with a variety of cookies in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  I love the visual stimulation.  Solo did too and he went for the biggest and brightest treat in his pale.

Carla Ocfemia, owner and chef, also made special cookies for Solo and I.  She made a bone with our names and a few woofalicious paw prints, flip flops and martini glasses. I know Solo and I will save the martini glasses for Yappy Hour. Woof! Thanks Carla and the Paw Patch team for making and hand delivering a special treat to my new bro and I.  Woof woof!  Four paws go way up for Paw Patch Pastries! The cookies were a great way to celebrate my new brother's arrival.

Now, I think I am ready for a nap with my bro. After all, we had a long car ride home, I have been training him in a new language, I taught him how to wrestle and have fed him gourmet cookies. Now I get to dream about chasing squirrels and eating more gourmet treats while snuggling with Solo.

.... keep wandering!

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