Monday, December 31, 2012

A new year doggie resolution!

Happy New Year!

This year I want to be a good doggie. I have decided to make a new year resolution list to help keep me on track.  My little brother always follows my lead so I added his resolutions to the list. Here are our new year resolutions for 2013:

  1. We should be good siblings by sharing toys and treats. My brother has a harder time sharing toys than I do. He will need to work extra hard on this resolution. I have to learn to share my treats. I admit that I occasionally pick up a treat my brother leaves unattended.
  2. I need to learn how to roll over. I hate to roll over. I learned to give my paw, sit, stay, lay down, sit back up, jump up, and jump down. Now mommy says I need to try to roll over since my little bro can do it.
  3. Solo needs to learn that barking is not allowed in the mall or stores. Solo gets very excited and likes to say hello to people. He really likes to bark hello to people walking on the first floor while we are on the second floor of the mall.
  4. I should not mark the treat bar in my favorite dog boutiques and Solo should not pee on the carpet at his girl friend's house. We get very excited when visiting these places but will try very very hard to control ourselves.
  5. We both need to convince mom to buy us a Furcedes and a Furrari. We think we deserve it and will try very hard to give mommy lots of hints throughout the year.

My brother and I hope you all have a Happy New Year and fulfill all of your new year resolutions for 2013. Keep wandering!

we love our bling collars

Who took the pics and where did we get the bling? Our studio pictures were taken by Vernon Jacobs. We purchased our Mirage clear crystal collars from Okashi Barkery.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Celebrating the pawlidays with friends and family!

I love the pawlidays. I like sleeping under the pine tree in the house. I like seeing my name on tags under the tree. I LOVE THE SMELL OF TREATS IN MY STOCKINGS!

portraits by vernon
I spent most of my pawlidays hanging out with friends and family. I first visited Santa Paws with my Yorkie friends at Santana Row. I made sure to bring my holiday wish list for Santa Paws to read. Solo and I also sat on Santa Paws lap and took a few photos with him. Santa Paws was really nice and gave all of the money he raised to the Humane Society. I love it when Santa Paws helps raise funds for animals in need. Woof!

Santa Paws 2012
After a great photo opportunity and chat with Santa Paws, my friends and I headed over to The Counter for a bite to eat. The Counter is a dog friendly restaurant in Santana Row. My friends and I sat on the patio with our parents and munched on chicken and treats.

We love dog friendly eateries...
and we love treats!
My mom always brings a snack pack of treats for Solo and I to munch on. However, mommy can also order grilled chicken or a plain hamburger patty for us too. We shared some grilled chicken with our friend Jun and treats with our buddies Rio and Bullet. We love spending lunch time with friends and family at the row.

holiday hangout with the Boots pack
A few weeks later, Solo, mommy, and I drove around to our friends' houses and dropped off treats. My brother and I dropped off pawliday presents to our friends while mommy dropped off her human treats. We love seeing our friends and running around while mommy socializes with other humans. We have to make sure mommy gets her human socialization or else she can be a grumpy human.

Hanging with Obi and Bailey
Christmas morning came and went faster than I could wag my tail ten times. Solo and I got lots of treats from Polka Dog and Kona's Chips, yum! We munched on them while we opened presents.

Solo was very happy with his pile of new toys and I could not believe my eyes when I unwrapped my iPaw'd. We also got winter jackets from our grandparents. Woof woof!

cousin Obi came to visit
The rest of Christmas day was filled with treats, hanging out with our cousin Obi, and more treats. We posed for pictures and ate treats. We ended the day by lounging in bed while mommy served us treats. It was a furtastic day!

playing around on Christmas day
We cannot wait for next Christmas. We love to eat treats, give gifts, eat treats, and received gifts. Plus, the shopping and extra outings with friends and family is a wooftastic part of the pawliday season.  Until then, keep wandering...

portraits by vernon

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A dog and his holiday wish list...

no naughty dogs here, we are good Yorkies
Every December my mom asks me the same question, "What do you want for Christmas?" I usually bark back with a long list of items that never make it under the Christmas tree.

This year mommy asked my brother the same question and he barked, "I want what my brother wants." My mommy looked at me and sighed. She new my list was long this year.
sniffing out treats at Okashi Barkery
Dear mommy,
Solo is the best brother in the whole wide world. I want him to be very happy this year because this is his first holiday with us. I decided to post our holiday wish list on my blog so you would not loose it. You can also refer back to it when shopping for Solo and I this holiday season.

Meadow Pet Rug Lime Mix
Entertainmutt Weekly
Polka Dog Chicken Littles
Starwars Smartphone Pet ID Tags
Paw Patch Pastries Paw Club of the Month
Star Wars Dog Bed 
Kona's Chips Up On Chips
West Paw Design Reknitz sweater
Kona's Chips Liver Licks
English Cottage Dog House
Angry Birds Star Wars 5" Plush Set
Polka Dog Lucky Duck
Paco Collar - Mini Niz Deluxe in black and brass
Fab Dog Squirrel
Fruitables Crunchy in CrispyBaconApple and PumpkinBanana
Paws on Puzzle Squares
Sushi Pups
Kona's Chips Chicken Jerkey

P.S. Mommy, Solo and I are available for fittings and taste testing at any time during the week. You can find us in bed under the blankets.

P.P.S. Mommy, we may add more to this list. You may need to check back often. We might sniff out more treats before it is time to open our presents.

sniffing out clothes at Happy Go Lucky
Solo and I are very excited and cannot wait to open our presents. We hope you all have included lots of treats in your list. We have our paws crossed and hopes mommy will buy a few or all of the items on our list. Lick and a wink!

Keep wandering... and wishing for everything on your holiday lists!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pawtying like a rock pup! Happy 1st Birthday Solo!

My brother Solo is turning 1 on December 11th!
Happy Birthday to Solo Nho Xiu
I threw my brother a big birthday pawty on December 2nd in celebration of his first big milestone. We had cake, we ran around to dog music, and we got drunk on dog treats. We pawtied like rock pups with all of our doggy friends and had a wooftastic time!

My first paw step was to find a location for the pawty. Last year, mommy rented a room at Sweet Doggies for my 4th birthday. I wanted to mix things up and was determined to sniff out another great pawty location. One day my friend Clyde and I were talking on our iBones and he told me about 2 Feet & 4 Paws Forward Dog Training. He said they had a big room available for pawties and I should sniff it out. 

Lots of room for playing, running, and rolling!
A few days later, mommy drove us over to the facility to meet the owner and see the pawty room. Jennifer Underwood, owner and trainer, was very nice and let Solo and I sniff around the facilities. I wanted to make sure we had enough space to run around and sniff butt. Solo thought the room was furtastic for his pawty and I immediately reserved the room. Woof!

During the pawty all of our friends mentioned how much they loved the pawty room. It was a very rainy day, which made the indoor pawty even more special. All of our friends loved running around in the dry warm room. 2 Feet & 4 Paws Forward Dog Training was a purfect place for my brother's pawty. I will definitely be reserving the room again in the future.

Solo enjoyed his photo shoot with Vernon Jacobs
My second mission was to find a photographer. This was a no brainer since my favorite photographer is Vernon Jacobs. He is a wooftastic photographer and is very patient with each animal he photographs. I have posed for Vernon numerous times and each picture comes out purrfect. He is very talented and knows how to get each of my friends and I to look at the camera, make our ears stand up, and tilt our head.

Portraits by Vernon (408) 841-1698
Portraits by Vernon (408) 841-1698
My brother loved his very first photo session with Vernon. Vernon knows how to handle first time dog models and treated my brother with lots of patience. By the end of the event, Solo fell in love with Vernon and his photography skills. Vernon Jacobs is one of kind and we look forward to many more photo sessions with him in the future.

Portraits by Vernon (408) 841-1698

Portraits by Vernon (408) 841-1698
CLICK HERE to view additional Portraits by Vernon taken at Solo's birthday pawty.

Portraits by Vernon (408) 841-1698
I then ordered a pawesome cake from My Best Friend Specialty Pet Bakery. This was my first order with the bakery. I did not know what to expect since the cake would be shipped via USPS Priority Mail from San Diego, CA. I was afraid the cake might get smooshed in transit. After a wonderful conversation with owner, baker, and artist Natalie Marquardt, I was convinced that the cake would be delivered in great condition.

cake by My Best Friend Specialty Pet Bakery
I sent over a photo of my brother and Natalie painted a copy his face on the top of the cake. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the cake for the first time. It was beautiful and smelled delicious too. All of my friends at the pawty admired the cake. My friend Jun did not want to eat the cake at first because it had Solo’s face on it. She did not like the idea of eating Solo. However, she changed her mind quickly when mommy started cutting up the cake.

Abby and Ollie munching on cake.
We all are chowing down on doggie cake!
Bullet liked the cake too. Yum!
The peanut butter cake was moist and super yummy. All of my dog friends had a piece. Solo loved the cake so much he ate five pieces and helped clean his friends’ plates too. My Best Friend Specialty Pet Bakery made Solo a barkingly great cake. I cannot wait to order a cake for my birthday pawty in April… woof and a wink!

Biscuit Appetizer Bar
My last paw step was to buy yummy treats for the Biscuit Appetizer Bar. Solo and I wanted each of our dog friends to feel welcome and leave the pawty with full bellies and special treats. I ordered treats from Wag is a furbulous online store that sells treats, grooming items, food, clothing, and accessories. I order most of my food and grooming items from Wag. They always have affordable prices and shipping is usually free because I order in bulk.

I wanted to serve Solo’s favorite treats as appetizers. Here is a list of the items served on the Biscuit Appetizer Bar:

By the end of the pawty, Solo was handing out birthday favors and thanking his guests for coming. Solo had over 45 dog and human guests from two different RSVP lists attend his pawty. We both are very appreciative to our friends and their families for attending Solo’s first birthday. Solo enjoyed every minute of his pawty and is very grateful for all of the wonderful gifts. 

Solo loves all of his wonderful gift. Thank you so much!
I would also like to thank Boo Boo and his family for bringing the tasty eggrolls to Solo’s pawty. You rock, Boo Boo! Woof woof!

The pawty was a huge success! We all pawtied until we could not pawty anymore. We cannot wait until the next birthday pawty. Until then, keep wandering!

Who are we wearing?  Solo wore a Winter Wonderland Vest and I wore a Kelsey Vest. Both vests are made by Ruff Ruff Couture. Mommy purchased our vests from Okashi Barkery. There were many stylish outfits at the pawty. If you know the designer of your outfit or your accessories, please include the information in the comment section below. We would love to know who you wore and where you bought the items.
Solo’s Birthday Pawty Playlist!  I put together this playlist for my brother’s birthday. I purchase all of these on iBark and played them on my iBone during the pawty.
  • Hound Dog by Elvis Presley
  • Wags the Dog, He Likes to Tango by The Wiggles
  • Atomic Dog by George Clinton
  • Scoobie Doo by The Mother Goose Singers
  • Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men
  • The Doggie Dance by Farmer Jason
  • The Doggie in the Window by Patti Page
  • Dog’s Life by Eels
  • D-O-G by Justin Roberts
Solo says, "I LOVE MY BDAY PAWTY!"
Who is the puparrazi?  Thanks to the puparrazi I was able to include candid photos from the event. The pupparrazi is made up of Ray,  Edith, Vanessa, Marlene, and my grandma. Thanks pupparrazi! We would not be famous dogs if it were not for your stalking photo techniques. CLICK HERE to view additional puparrazi photos from the pawty.