Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Celebrating the pawlidays with friends and family!

I love the pawlidays. I like sleeping under the pine tree in the house. I like seeing my name on tags under the tree. I LOVE THE SMELL OF TREATS IN MY STOCKINGS!

portraits by vernon
I spent most of my pawlidays hanging out with friends and family. I first visited Santa Paws with my Yorkie friends at Santana Row. I made sure to bring my holiday wish list for Santa Paws to read. Solo and I also sat on Santa Paws lap and took a few photos with him. Santa Paws was really nice and gave all of the money he raised to the Humane Society. I love it when Santa Paws helps raise funds for animals in need. Woof!

Santa Paws 2012
After a great photo opportunity and chat with Santa Paws, my friends and I headed over to The Counter for a bite to eat. The Counter is a dog friendly restaurant in Santana Row. My friends and I sat on the patio with our parents and munched on chicken and treats.

We love dog friendly eateries...
and we love treats!
My mom always brings a snack pack of treats for Solo and I to munch on. However, mommy can also order grilled chicken or a plain hamburger patty for us too. We shared some grilled chicken with our friend Jun and treats with our buddies Rio and Bullet. We love spending lunch time with friends and family at the row.

holiday hangout with the Boots pack
A few weeks later, Solo, mommy, and I drove around to our friends' houses and dropped off treats. My brother and I dropped off pawliday presents to our friends while mommy dropped off her human treats. We love seeing our friends and running around while mommy socializes with other humans. We have to make sure mommy gets her human socialization or else she can be a grumpy human.

Hanging with Obi and Bailey
Christmas morning came and went faster than I could wag my tail ten times. Solo and I got lots of treats from Polka Dog and Kona's Chips, yum! We munched on them while we opened presents.

Solo was very happy with his pile of new toys and I could not believe my eyes when I unwrapped my iPaw'd. We also got winter jackets from our grandparents. Woof woof!

cousin Obi came to visit
The rest of Christmas day was filled with treats, hanging out with our cousin Obi, and more treats. We posed for pictures and ate treats. We ended the day by lounging in bed while mommy served us treats. It was a furtastic day!

playing around on Christmas day
We cannot wait for next Christmas. We love to eat treats, give gifts, eat treats, and received gifts. Plus, the shopping and extra outings with friends and family is a wooftastic part of the pawliday season.  Until then, keep wandering...

portraits by vernon

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