Monday, December 31, 2012

A new year doggie resolution!

Happy New Year!

This year I want to be a good doggie. I have decided to make a new year resolution list to help keep me on track.  My little brother always follows my lead so I added his resolutions to the list. Here are our new year resolutions for 2013:

  1. We should be good siblings by sharing toys and treats. My brother has a harder time sharing toys than I do. He will need to work extra hard on this resolution. I have to learn to share my treats. I admit that I occasionally pick up a treat my brother leaves unattended.
  2. I need to learn how to roll over. I hate to roll over. I learned to give my paw, sit, stay, lay down, sit back up, jump up, and jump down. Now mommy says I need to try to roll over since my little bro can do it.
  3. Solo needs to learn that barking is not allowed in the mall or stores. Solo gets very excited and likes to say hello to people. He really likes to bark hello to people walking on the first floor while we are on the second floor of the mall.
  4. I should not mark the treat bar in my favorite dog boutiques and Solo should not pee on the carpet at his girl friend's house. We get very excited when visiting these places but will try very very hard to control ourselves.
  5. We both need to convince mom to buy us a Furcedes and a Furrari. We think we deserve it and will try very hard to give mommy lots of hints throughout the year.

My brother and I hope you all have a Happy New Year and fulfill all of your new year resolutions for 2013. Keep wandering!

we love our bling collars

Who took the pics and where did we get the bling? Our studio pictures were taken by Vernon Jacobs. We purchased our Mirage clear crystal collars from Okashi Barkery.

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