Saturday, December 8, 2012

A dog and his holiday wish list...

no naughty dogs here, we are good Yorkies
Every December my mom asks me the same question, "What do you want for Christmas?" I usually bark back with a long list of items that never make it under the Christmas tree.

This year mommy asked my brother the same question and he barked, "I want what my brother wants." My mommy looked at me and sighed. She new my list was long this year.
sniffing out treats at Okashi Barkery
Dear mommy,
Solo is the best brother in the whole wide world. I want him to be very happy this year because this is his first holiday with us. I decided to post our holiday wish list on my blog so you would not loose it. You can also refer back to it when shopping for Solo and I this holiday season.

Meadow Pet Rug Lime Mix
Entertainmutt Weekly
Polka Dog Chicken Littles
Starwars Smartphone Pet ID Tags
Paw Patch Pastries Paw Club of the Month
Star Wars Dog Bed 
Kona's Chips Up On Chips
West Paw Design Reknitz sweater
Kona's Chips Liver Licks
English Cottage Dog House
Angry Birds Star Wars 5" Plush Set
Polka Dog Lucky Duck
Paco Collar - Mini Niz Deluxe in black and brass
Fab Dog Squirrel
Fruitables Crunchy in CrispyBaconApple and PumpkinBanana
Paws on Puzzle Squares
Sushi Pups
Kona's Chips Chicken Jerkey

P.S. Mommy, Solo and I are available for fittings and taste testing at any time during the week. You can find us in bed under the blankets.

P.P.S. Mommy, we may add more to this list. You may need to check back often. We might sniff out more treats before it is time to open our presents.

sniffing out clothes at Happy Go Lucky
Solo and I are very excited and cannot wait to open our presents. We hope you all have included lots of treats in your list. We have our paws crossed and hopes mommy will buy a few or all of the items on our list. Lick and a wink!

Keep wandering... and wishing for everything on your holiday lists!

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