Saturday, May 19, 2012

Los Altos has gone to the dogs!

Pet parades make me smile!
I like to eat, shop, and wag my tail while walking the shady streets of downtown Los Altos.  I even have fond memories of delicious mouthwatering treats from Five Paw Bakery, hooowwwl!  Since the closing of Five Paw,  I have heard many barks about the Kiwanis Pet Parade.  I heard about the parade from friends at the dog park and while attending a few Bay Area dog events.  I love watching pet parades and could not wait to sniff out this one.

They ordered bacon. Can I order bacon?
First paw, first.  I made sure my mom ate breakfast before the parade.  I did not want a grumpy human walking me around downtown.  I took my mom to The Village Pantry.  This restaurant serves great food and allows canine guests.  We sat on the patio while enjoying the warm Saturday morning.  The food was great and I made a few big dog friends too.  Woof!

The Kiwanis Pet Parade has been a canine attraction since 1947.  Dogs, chickens, turtles and bunnies filled the downtown area.  The parade was woofalicious.  I watched the entire parade with great anticipation.  I did not want the parade to end.  I just loved watching all of the animals move down Main Street.

I see chickens.
The Los Altos Kiwanis Club made sure every animal companion, in the parade or in the crowd, felt welcome.  Volunteers handed out Kiwanis Club pins and parade ribbons to all of the guests.  I liked the souvenir. I wore my ribbon all way home.

After the parade, I wiggled my bottom and ribbon further down Main Street towards the 37th annual Fine Art in the Park.  The event was located in Lincoln Park. I ran into many familiar faces and butts.  It seemed like every dog in the parade headed over to the art show. The entire park was filled with sculptures, paintings, clothes and ceramics made by many talented artists.  I even saw a metal sculpture of a dog.

Metal dog sculpture by Phillip Glashoff
I ended my Los Altos visit with a quick sniff at Pet's Delight.  Every dog needs to stop by this pet store when visiting Los Altos.  I was very excited to see Five Paw treats in the bins.  I stocked up on a few flavors and headed home.  This was a furrtastic day to eat breakfast, watch a parade, sniff out canine art, and to do a little treat shopping.  Los Altos is a great dog friendly town. Stop by and sniff it out for yourself.  Keep wandering...

Who am I wearing? I am wearing a Little Stud shirt by SimplyDog and accessorizing with a Fancy Bamboo Buddy Belt.