Saturday, June 2, 2012

Raise your paw if you know a famous Yorkie?

I have often wondered who I could look up to.  I mean, I look up to my mom and my pooch friends but I want to admire someone famous.  Yorkie famous.  Woof!

During my adventures, I have met, read about, and watched many Yorkshire Terriers.  The most famous Yorkie I have heard about is Smoky.  Smoky, a four-pound Yorkie, became a honorary member of the armed forces during World War II.  He fought battles and healed the sick.  He was a true war hero in my book, woof!  You can read more about Smoky at I recommend picking up his book too.  It is a good read for any Yorkie and owner.

Smoky - WWII Hero
In the upcoming weeks, I will dedicate one blog post to a famous Yorkie.  You might not know who these Yorkies are and you might have never seen their wet noses before.  But I am sure you will find each of them to be famous in their own special way.

Do you know any famous Yorkies?  Let me know and maybe I will feature them in a blog post too.  Now to sniff out a good book.... hmmm do I sniff a famous Yorkie on the next page?!?

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