Saturday, March 17, 2012

A dog and his wardrobe

Hunter Shark Jersey

I like to sit and look cute.  My mom likes to dress me up.  This equals tons of pictures of me looking fashionably cute.  I wear a different shirt or outfit each day.  I rarely am seen in the same outfit during the same week.  This does not include my outwear.  I have many hoodies and jackets that I like to wear daily.  I like to layer up during those cold nights on the town or brisk walks in the early morning.  I find that each outfit helps me express my inner Mog.  If you are now asking yourself, "What is a Mog?" Watch the movie Space Balls. Woof and may the schwartz be with you!

Klippo Shark Jumper
Here is my current collection of shirts and sweaters.  I have categorized my clothing based on designer.  I buy clothes to fit my body and personality.  I rarely look for specific designers.  But I have found a few clothing lines that appeal to my inner bark.

Shirts and Sweaters

Keep wandering.

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