Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Picnic and Dog Parks... OH YEAH!

I think I found my favorite park, Las Palmas!  I like the large amount of grass. I ran and ran until I could not run anymore.  I also sniffed around the dog park.  There is a sign on the door notifying other dogs to be careful.  A few month ago someone found rat poison boxes at the dog park.  The police came and investigated the matter.  The news spread over the web and Facebook.  Many dogs were worried, including my mom.  I have sniffed around many dog parks and I would hate to stop coming one because someone was trying to harm me.  My mom checked the perimeter of the dog park before she let me explore.  When the coast was clear I was allowed to explore.  I met lots of big and small dogs at the park.  My dog friend Bailey came to the dog park too.  This was the first time she has ever been to a dog park.  She had a great time and all of the dogs liked her too.  I like Las Palmas!  This is a great park for dogs and I hope to return soon.  Keep wandering!

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