Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pet's Friend Animal Clinic is truely a friend to dogs and cats.

Mom, Me and Marlene at Sunnyvale Howloween Parade 2009
When my mom says "Let's go" I get really excited and start looking for an outfit to wear and my harness.   I eagerly jump into my car seat and get clipped into my seat belt.  Most of the time my mom takes me to the mall or to a dog boutique.  But every once in a while I find myself looking out the window and seeing the sign "Pet's Friend Animal Clinic" in big blue letters.

I have a love/hate relationship with this clinic.  I love Pet's Friend because I get to see Marlene and Robin.  They always give me treats and sometimes I get to see my pal Clyde.  Clyde is Marlene's recent rescue and we have a good time sniffing around the office.  I also like to visit and check up on my roommate Mooch.  He has a passion for street fighting.  However, Mooch is getting older and the younger kitties on the block get the best of him.  When he gets really beat up I visit him at the clinic to keep his spirits up.  Those are a few reasons why I love the clinic.  I really hate going to the clinic when it is my turn to see the doctor.  I recently scratched my cornea and had to visit one of the veterinarians, Dr. Griesshaber.  She is really nice but I don't know what I hated more during this past visit, the thermometer in my bottom or having to leave the clinic wearing the cone of shame.  My eye is getting better but I have to go back to the exam room in a week.  I hope the thermometer is put away during that visit.

I guess every dog or cat dreads visiting the doctor's office.  I am glad that my mom can check out my Pet Portal page, which is linked to the clinic's website, to make sure I am up-to-date with my vaccinations.  This always save me a trip into the examination room.  I know my mom also likes the new Vet Store Rx.  She can order my flea and heart worm medications online and have them shipped to the house.  My mom likes the convenience of ordering my medications online but I think I will miss seeing Marlene and Robin ... and the treats.  Keep wandering!

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