Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pet's Delight has everything for every animal!

Wow.  This is a great one stop shop if you are in need to provide for every kind of animal possible.  Well, maybe not every kind of animal but this store caters to all sorts of animal needs. You can find just about anything from adopting a mouse and buying chicken feed to rummaging through dog costumes and testing light up water fountains.  Pet's Delight has food, bedding and accessories for fish, birds, cats, dogs and many smaller critters and slitherersssss.  With that much diversity Chewy and I just had to visit and sniff it out for ourselves.  Upon entering the store, the nice lady at the counter greeted Chewy with lots of enthusiasm and knowledge.  She won Chewy's heart by giving him a scrumptious doggy treat and was then ready to answer any questions about accessories, treats, and the animals for adoption around the store.  Chewy sniffed out a Guinea Pig of adoption while trotting around the toy area but we could not leave until he said, "what's sniffin'" to the kitty near the window.

Overall this store has a wide variety of brand selection and offers online ordering for pick up or delivery.   The friendly atmosphere, tidiness of the store and the great conversations with the staff will keep us  coming back for more.  Chewy and I give Pet's Delight a "big paws up" for supplying a wide variety of products to a multi-species clientele.  If you are in the Los Altos area and need supplies, treats or accessories for your dog, cat, mouse, hamster, cat or bird then stop on by for a quick stroll around the store.  To learn more about the wide variety of species, breeds and brands the store has to offer visit  Keep wandering!

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