Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One last lick to a local favorite, Five Paw Bakery!

Five Paw Bakery, a Bay Area corner stone for locally made dog snacks and treats is closing it's doggy doors after 8 seasons of business in Los Altos, California.  Paul and Ruby Callary founded the bakery and thanks to them many dogs in  Los Altos and the South Bay have enjoyed a wide variety of homemade treats ranging from Liver Lovers to Cheese Moons and Puppy Pizza.  Five Paw Bakery has been a favorite of Chewy's for some time and he will deeply miss this store.  The barkery will not be open for much longer and Paul already has a sign in the window indicating that the store is for sale and that all items are 50% off (excluding food).

During Chewy's last visit to the barkery, Paul mentioned he had sold the recipes for his famous dog treats to Calvin & Susie, a pet store located near Honolulu, Hawaii.  Chewy has yet to visit Hawaii but you can read more about Calvin & Susie at http://www.calvinandsusie.com.  Chewy sent the store an email to ask if Calvin & Susie would sell and ship his favorite treats.  We will post an update to this inquiry once we hear back from the store.  Like many other dog boutiques and barkeries in the Bay Area, we must say good bye to another local favorite.  You will be missed Five Paw Bakery and we hope the best for Paul, Ruby and their pups.  Woof, woof!  For more information about Five Paw Bakery visit http://www.fivepaw.com/.

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