Monday, March 28, 2011

Strolling through Touleh

Sunday strolls through Palo Alto's Town and Country Village are a favorite pastime for Chewy and I.  We have lots of fun drinking coffee at Peet's or grabbing a scoop of ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery.  However, it is not the coffee or the ice cream that really brings Chewy to the Town and Country.  He loves the impromptu introductions and sniff sniffs with other four-legged companions and visiting the newly open Touleh Dog Boutique.  Touleh was previously located in Santana Row but to the benefit of Palo Alto natives Touleh has a new home in the Town and Country Village.
Shima Deilami Marhamat, director of Touleh, approached Chewy with a warm smile and lots of treats.  She offered him a variety of treats and Chewy was happy to taste test each and every flavor.  Although Chewy loves his share of treats, the treats were not the only items that caught Chewy's eye and nose.  He was very eager to sniff around so we did not waste anytime.  As we perused the rows of couture clothing and accessories a few items caught Chewy's fancy.  The first item Chewy sniffed out was a Milk & Pepper SPEAK hoody.  Milk & Pepper is a couture clothing line from Paris.  Touleh has many varieties of couture brands and a wide variety of sizes for each style too.  Chewy found a size 34 and tried on the Milk & Pepper hoody.  It fit like a glove and Chewy just had to wear it all the way home.  
The second item that caught Chewy's attention was, of course, the barkery.  Touleh has a small selection of baked cookies.  The barkery items are not made on location so I suggest calling ahead and ordering your barkery items in advanced.  Shima also mentioned that most of Touleh's barkery items need to be refrigerated so what you see in the store display is only for display.  Touleh also has a wide variety of dog biscuits and snacks that are easily accessible in large plastic bins.  The bins are located near the entrance and will lure any passing doggy into the store.  Chewy and I had a great time at Touleh and hope to visit soon.  If you are in the Palo Alto area and need to find a special treat for your pooch stop by Touleh Dog Boutique.  Your pooch will love you for it...woof woof!  For more information about Touleh Dog Boutique visit  Keep wandering! 

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