Sunday, September 18, 2011

Okashi Barkery is SUGOI!

Okashi Barkery is a friendly and tasty dog boutique located at the intersection of Campbell Avenue & Page Street within walking distance to downtown Campbell.  I have heard many stories about this store from my friend Megan and Kristy.  I knew I had to stop by and I finally made it to the barkery this morning.  I could not contain myself with excitement as my mom pulled into the plaza parking lot.  My nose starts to tingle when I am close to any dog-friendly establishment.  I could not get out of my car seat fast enough.  I flew out of the car door and trotted through Okashi's two white open doors.  I could not believe my doggie eyes!  Vintage t-shirts and lots of scrumptious organic dog treats.  This is pawtastic!

My mom spotted a Doors vintage t-shirt in my size at Bark in the Park.  I did not know that my mom spoke with Joanne, owner and operator of Okashi, and placed the shirt on hold for me.  It was very nice of Joanne to hold the shirt for me and I cannot wait to show off my new threads at my next doggie social.  There were many other outfits and costumes to look at.  My mom and I were really interested in the solid color tank tops too.  Sometimes I have to get dressed up and where my tie.  However, I do not have a solid color (no design) shirt to wear with my dressy duds.  I sniffed out a black tank top that fit me great.  The size and length of the shirt were perfect for my long Yorkie body.

I liked sniffing around Quan Yin and the doggie cheongsam/changshan.

The one item that stood out most in my mind is the hospitality!  Joanne was a great host and gave my mom and I her undivided attention.  Even after a busy day at Bark in the Park, she was ready to help her four legged customers the next day at 9am in the morning.  She even threw in a free container of beef treats when she heard we drove to the barkery just to pick up a vintage shirt.  This is a great way to introduce your products and your service to new pack members.  I enjoyed my drive and sniff to Okashi Barkery and think this dog boutique is SUGOI!  Woof woof!  I cannot wait for my return to Okashi for another sniff and a wag.  Keep wandering!

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