Friday, September 23, 2011

Monkey Daze is a Chewy favorite, woof woof!

I admit, I am dog who likes to be independent yet make a statement.  I have found that clothes are the easiest way for a dog to make a statement.  I don't usually bark when I am in the company of others so I use my clothes to communicate who I am and what I am doing.  With that barked...
I have a BIG wardrobe. 

Call me a metrodogsicle but I don't mind being dressed up and pampered.  I get cold.  I walk over to my mom, paw her foot, and shiver.  She puts a sweater over my tank top.  I then warm up under the sweater as I run off to play.  I have a variety of brands such as Milk & Pepper and Juicy Couture.  However, my favorite brand so far is Monkey Daze.  I like this company because of their product quality and style.
I currently own a jean jacket and a dragon denim jumper.  Both items have been worn over and over again.  I sometime hear my mom complain about the grass stains in my clothes but what does she expect... I am a dog guru with no thumbs so how I am supposed to do the laundry.  Regardless of how hard I play or how dirty I get my Monkey Daze outfits still look great.  My mom has not had to restitch or mend any part of these outfits.  I have owned them since December 2009 and continue to wear them frequently.

The clothing and accessories are very human-trendy with a dog-style edge.  I enjoy the variety in design and accessories too.  For example, I enjoy wearing jumpers on colder days.  When winter hits, I like to wear them daily without wearing the same one over and over again.  Monkey Daze offers a variety of jumpers in various colors and accessories.  I chose the dragon denim jumper to wear with my jean jacket and because of the small belt chain.  I think the belt chain is a cool looking pawccessory.  I purchased the jean jacket as is from Dog Savvy.  The jacket includes various patches and accessories all over the jacket.  After purchasing the jacket I looked up the company.  I found Monkey Daze and the jean jacket online.  The jean jacket online is naked and has no patches or accessories attached.  I currently do not know where the patches and accessories came from.  It could be a promo by Monkey Daze that has since expired or Dog Savvy putting their own spin on a old favorite.  Who knows... all I know is that my jean jacket is pawesome!

I look forward to more durable and stylish dog attire from Monkey Daze.  For more information about Monkey Daze visit  Keep wandering... and shopping!

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