Sunday, October 16, 2011

Walking and wandering for a doggie-of-a-cause!

I love going on walks.  I walk around my house, I walk around my mom's work, I walk around the mall, and even walk around my local coffee haunt.  I have dibs on the corner window seat when my mom and I go for coffee.  I always get a treat which makes walking around the coffee shop one of my top 5 dog chill spots.  I also keep up with doggie politics and have found a variety of organizations that are worthy of my support.  The Humane Society of Silicon Valley (HSSV) and The Morris Animal Foundation are two such organizations that I have walked for.

Clyde and I sporting for a cause.

In the morning of October 9th, I hopped into my car seat for a quick ride to Vasona Park in Los Gatos.  The Morrison Animal Foundation held the event in honor of canine cancer.  I registered online and paid my thirty dollar fee, which goes towards your fundraising efforts.  My mom and I arrived around nine o'clock and made it back home by noon.  I visited lots of booths, Okashi Barkery is the BOMB!, received lots of treats and made lots of new friends.

Okashi Barkery is right behind me!  Woof woof!
I also heard many stories about the pain and sorrow that follows when a a canine with cancer crosses over the rainbow.  These stories prove that we, canines, can and do have an impact on human life.  After our walk I received a free backpack bag of doggie swag.   It was full of dog treats, toys, informational sheets and a frisby.  I posed for a few pictures with my vet, Pet's Friend Animal Clinic, who equally loves animals just as much as I do.

Hanging with the COOLEST vet ever! Pet's Friend Animal Clinic!

Clyde and I chillin in the stroller after walking the long and short route.

Six days later, on October 15th, I walked for another canine cause.  Walk 'n Wag is a fundraising initiative that supports the Humane Society of Silicon Valley (HSSV).  The HSSV has been helping animals for many years.  They provide care, shelter, food to stranded, surrendered, confiscated and abandoned animals.  Animal adoption is also included when supporting and visiting the society.  My mom often adopts hamsters from the satellite adoption centers and knows many others who adopt cats and dogs from the humane society too.  I am looking forward to the day that my mom adopts a bunny from the society.  Then I will have a new friend to play with in the backyard.

I register with the event online.  There is no fee to walk and all of your fundraising efforts go directly to the HSSV.  This year, I raised over $700 dollars!  I am so excited!  Check out my Walk 'n Wag page to see who sponsored me and my grand total,  Woof woof!  I truly appreciate everyone's support.  I give each sponsor a big lick, lick, lick!  THANK YOU!  WOOF WOOF!
Lots of sniffing going on at Walk 'n Wag.

There were a nice variety of booths that showcased each sponsor and the HSSV.  The walk was not very long and the weather was beautiful at Kelley Park.  We were one the first out of the starting gates so we ended up walking an extra lap around historic San Jose before the volunteers directed us towards the right path into the park.  The highlight of the day was the wonderful treats that are given out to all of the doggies.  My mom picked up a free popper scooper and a free fur buster.  I know I will use the popper scooper and my mom will use the fur buster to pick up all of the fur Nibbles leaves around the house.  After the walk I was given Frosty Paws ice cream.  I ate half of mine until I had brain freeze.  Then I let another dog eat the rest.  This was another great event and walk for a cause.  This was my fourth year walking in Walk 'n Wag and I hope to be apart of many more. Keep wandering...

 Frosty Paws ice cream for every dog who walked!  Woo hoo!

To read more about the Morris Animal Foundation and the HSSV visit,;;

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