Friday, October 28, 2011


Happy Howling Halloween from Dr. Chewy Nho
Who let the dogs out? Woof woof woof woof woof! Who let the dogs out, in costume?!? Oh yeah! I like to get dressed up which makes Halloween one of my favorite holidays of the year. There are sooo many outfits to choose from and this year I purchased my outfit from Happy Go Lucky Dog Boutique. Even though I bought my outfit at one place does not mean that I only attend one event. This year I was able to visit two dog-centric Halloween events.

My first Halloween event was put together by Lilu and Mac, my Meetup Yorkie social planners. Most of my Yorkie friends came out in costume and strutted their stuff at Reed Street Dog Park in Santa Clara. I invited my pal Clyde to join the social group and hang out at the dog park. He came with his mommy Marlene. Clyde dressed up as a witch and I dressed as a dogtor. We had lots of fun running around with the other bumble bees, lady bugs, candy corns, and pumpkins. I cannot wait for my holiday social. I get to wear my homemade elf costume. Woof!
We was having stethoscope and hat problems during the entire party.

2011 Howling Halloween, Los Gatos, CA
The biggest Halloween event I have ever attended and seen was held in Los Gatos with the help of Society Dog. My mom and I love Society Dog and cannot wait to attend the event again next year. There are hundreds of dogs that come out and dress up with entire human families. My mom and I came dressed as clowns this year. I left the event with a full tummy and bag of treats. I could not keep my eyes open too. By the time we were home my mom carried me in. I did not wake up. I did make sure my bag of trick or treats was safe and sound the next morning. I even tried a few to make sure it was the same bag from the night before. I never know if my feline friends, Mooch or Nibs, will try and steal my treats.

This dog made her costume out of Starburst wrappers, wow!

My last Halloween stop brought me full circle. Vernon, a fabulous pet photographer, set up shop inside Happy Go Lucky to take Halloween photos of dogs in costume. I was very excited and decided to wear the very same costume I purchase from the store. Thank you Happy Go Lucky and Vernon! The photo is absolutely pawsome!

Photo by Vernon

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