Monday, August 1, 2011

A weekend of coffee and shopping with Bailey

Bailey and I outside of Starbucks Coffee
This past weekend, I shared the coffee bean experience with my friend Bailey.  She is still a pup so I was very excited to show her my local haunts and how to behave when visiting.  While our moms chatted and sipped their coffee Bailey and I were greeted by kids and their families as they walked by.  There were lots of kids this weekend because the theater near the coffee shop was showing The Smurfs.  With kids comes lots of petting and scratching.  I like the smell of kids and cannot help licking their hands and arms.

Bailey and I waiting for Tudor
After coffee we headed to Bailey's house for some rest and relaxation in her backyard.  She has a pond, lots of grass and TREATS!  We ran around, ate treats, and waited for the turtles to come out and play.  Bailey has two turtle friends.  The big turtle, Tudor, came out to grab a bite to eat.  While Tudor was on the move Bailey and I were able to say hello before he jumped back into the pond.

We also had lots of fun shopping in Los Gatos on Sunday.  We walked all over downtown Los Gatos.  We stopped by two dog stores and met so many new friends during our walk.  Bailey did not find much for her wardrobe but I found a few t-shirts and a Harley-Davidson collar.  Any shopping experience calls for a quick trip to Biscuit.  I love Biscuit and wanted Bailey's first time at Biscuit to be magical.  It was... woof woof.  She was greeted by Jennifer and given lots of treats.  Bailey even stopped to sniff the birthday cakes... hmmmm I think Bailey would like one of the cakes for her 1st birthday.  Like clockwork, my mom grabbed a bag and filled it up with granola.  I still love the granola at Biscuit.  My favorite is the Banana Nut, nom nom!

This was a great weekend for this dog and I truly enjoyed the company.  Thanks Bailey!

Keep wandering....

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