Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The red carpet is always rolled out at Gussied Up

I love shopping for toys and treats!

Gussied Up Dog Boutique is one of my favorite dog stores.  I am a spoiled yorkie but I never admit it when I am being pampered at Gussied Up.  Each time I walk into the store I am greeted by the humans behind the counter.  They always give me a yummy treat.  I also get to socialize with other dogs too.  There are always dogs sniffing each other and trying on clothes.  I cannot remember a time when I was the only dog in the store.  This place is popular and I know why... the treats, accessories and hospitality!  Woof woof!

My mom has bought a fair amount of stuff from this boutique and I love every item.  I currently have over 10 sweaters and shirts, two bags, a stroller and a car seat from Gussied Up.  I am not including the number of toys and accessories I have either... I told you I was spoiled.  This boutique is truly a one stop shop for any dog and his/her owner.  They sell food, treats, clothes, shampoo, collars, harnesses, leashes and much much more.  I visit Gussied Up at least one a month and I will keep coming back for more!  For more information about Gussied Up Dog Boutique visit,

Keep wandering!

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