Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There is no fooling around on April Fool's Day

Happy 1st Birthday Bailey, woof!
I like to hang with my dawgs and pawty like any pawty animal. Birthdays are abundant this month and I even have my own birthday pawty scheduled for the 15th.  For now, I would like to showcase my girl Bailey and her first birthday celebration. She just turned ONE on April Fool's Day!

Collage created by Aurora (Bailey's mom)
Bailey is a little lady and has a few more years of growing up to do.  However, she knows how to pawty like the rest of us.  She ate her birthday cookie, she took me on a tour, and we sun-bathed on the deck.  Check us out while we take you through her festivities...

It all started with a gift.  I bought Bailey's cookies at Happy Go Lucky.  My mom put everything in a bag and made it look nice for Bailey. I could not jump into the car fast enough and waited patiently for my mom to drive me to Bailey's house. 

Bailey was so excited she did not know which present to open first.  She enlisted the help of Skylar.  Skylar is similar to my cat roommates but is very friendly and even gives Bailey a bath.  Hmmm... Mooch... my paws are dirty....

Bailey chose the martini shaped cookie to munch on first. She brought her martini out on the porch to enjoy it in the sun.  I watched her lick and munch on her martini until every last crumb was consumed.  Bailey has a high tolerance for martini cookies.  She is a true pawty animal.  I cannot wait for my birthday treats, lick lick lick lick.

I have not seen Bailey in a few weeks. She gave me a tour of her yard so we could catch up on some sniffing.  She showed me all of the new smelly spots and found a few bugs for me to play with too.  I love wandering around and sniffing plants, the ground, and any items in my path.  Bailey is a great birthday hostess.


Then we headed back to the deck to catch a few rays of sun before the pawty ended.

We even sniffed each other to say goodbye.   This was a great first birthday for my pal Bailey.  I hope to celebrate many more birthdays with her.  Happy Birthday Bailey!  You're my dawg!

Keep wandering...

I am wearing a Happy Go Lucky shirt and accessorizing with a Buddy Belt, https://buddy-belts.com/.

I purchased Bailey's presents and my shirt at Happy Go Lucky Dog Boutique, http://www.happygoluckydogs.com/.

The Happy Birthday cookie is made by Miss Debbie's K9 Cookies, http://www.debbiesk9cookies.com.

The other cookie, in the shape of a martini glass with the words "Yappy Hour," is made by Barkn Belly Bakery, http://www.barknbellybakery.com/.

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