Sunday, April 29, 2012

Carmel, first paw

This was the first time I soaked in Carmel without a planned itinerary.  Those who know my mom, know that she likes to plan events and trips.  None of that took place during my recent visit to Carmel.

Carmel, CA
My goal: to unmask my Tramp persona.  At the beginning of the film, Lady and the Tramp, the scruffy easy-going Tramp does not have a care in the world.  That was me in Carmel. I just wanted to wander and keep on wandering...

Cottage of Sweets
I admit my inner tramp did not come about because of my laid-back woof.  It was a result of the 11th Annual Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Carmel Beach Party.  I just happened to visit Carmel on the day of the party.  I sniffed out a sign at Diggity Dog that mentioned the special day too.  I thought the dog-centric day was grrrreat!  I saw lady, after lady, after lady.  I strolled down Ocean Avenue and the beautiful ladies came sniffing. Pant, pant, and a wink! I don't mind being surrounded by beautiful Spaniel gals.

I tried my doggiest to see all of the cool dog-centric spots in Carmel.  My first stop was to the Fountain of Woof!  The fountain is located in Carmel Plaza.  It is a dog only drinking fountain. Yup, you read my bark correctly.  I have a fountain made for me and my canine ladies.  Woof woof.

There were lots of dogs in the plaza. I was allowed on all three floors of the plaza and went into every store. This was my kind of shopping experience. Like most humans, my mom needed a cup of coffee and a pastry before our walk around Carmel.  The first floor of Carmel plaza is home to Carmel Coffee & Cocoa Bar.  The scones smelled good.  I was able to smell it while my mom ate it. My mom never shares her pastries, so I get treats!

Third floor, what a view!

There is one store I had to sniff around in, Diggidy Dog! This is a howling good place to shop for any canine or feline companion.  I sniffed out so many toys and treats.  I could not stop sniffing around.  I purchased a red and grey striped Diggidy Dog tank top and a letter "C" charm.  The tank top will keep me cool on hot summer days and the charm will keep me looking furrbulous for the ladies.

Diggidy Dog - Dog and Cat Boutique
My entire 45 minute shopping experience at Diggidy Dog was so much fun.  The staff members were very nice.  They helped me sniff out appropriate tank top sizes and my favorite toys. I cannot wait to visit Diggidy Dog during my next visit. My nose will be ready to sniff out treats, a new toy, a shirt, a bed, a woofingly big bag of treats, woof! I hope mom saves up.

Time went by so fast and lunch time came sooner than later.  I was definitely hungry and wanted a good meal.  There is only one place that has a canine menu, patio for the hound dogs, and tail wagging human and canine food, The Forge in the Forest Restaurant.

Forge has a great canine menu

The human and canine menus were fantastic. I ordered the Hen House Chicken Strips while my mom munched on the BBQ artichoke appetizer and a salad.  The meat was juicy and cooked to perfection.  The only downer was that I could not eat all of my food.  There was so much chicken that I bought it home and had it for breakfast the next morning.  YUM!
What to order... I would like the Hen House please.
Where there is dogs there are dog messes that need to be cleaned up.  Carmel has you covered. Carmel has more dog waste bag dispensers sprinkled around the city than parking meters.  Actually, I did not lift my leg on a parking meter during my trip.  I never saw one. But there are plenty of dog waste bags on each corner.

dog waste bag station
I came prepared but had to stop and sniff out who made the bags.  The bags are made by Mutt Mitt.  Mom especially liked the bags because they were strong and degradable.  Carmel is keeping the city smelling fresh, one dog clean up at a time.

El Paseo Courtyard and Passageway
I had a great time meeting new spaniel friends, sniffing around the dog boutique, and eating a big bowl of chicken.  What else could a dog ask for... more chicken!?!

Until my next adventure in Carmel.  I still want to see Pal's grave and visit the beach. I did not have enough time to see everything.  I cannot wait to go back.  In the words of the Tramp, "Look, there's a great big hunk of world down there, with no fence around it. Where two dogs can find adventure and excitement. And beyond those distant hills, who knows what wonderful experiences? And it's all ours for the taking..." 

Now, I just need to find a lady and make reservations at an Italian restaurant in Carmel. Keep wandering...

Who am I wearing? What's my ride?  
During my trip to Carmel, I wore my peace sign tank by I See Spot while accessorizing with my Puppia harness.  I cruised around Carmel in my camo 1st Class 3-Wheel Jogger by PetZip.

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