Sunday, April 22, 2012

I turned 28, pawty time!

I love my birthday.  I get to eat biscuits and cookies.  I get to dress up and take photos.  I even get to order off the dog menu at my favorite restaurants.  But this year it has all changed.


Mom made dog treat leis for my guests
I was so excited!  My mom thought I was old and mature enough to have my own pawty.  After all, I was turning 28 years old. I took out my iPaw and started putting together my invitee list, who I wanted to take the picture, who will make my cake, where the pawty would take place, and what I would wear.

I knew my pawty planning was going to take lots of time and energy. Like any good Yorkie, I put my mom straight to work. She drove me to the party supply and pet stores. I sniffed out napkins, plates, and birthday decorations in a variety of colors.  I did not have a theme for my birthday pawty.  I thought lots of color would be festive for my pooch pals.  The colors helped brighten up the room and helped keep the pawty going.

I was lucky enough to find the perfect outfit at Okashi Barkery.  I wanted to look my best and Okashi made that happen. Now to sniff out the cake, photographer, and location, woof woof!

cake made by Barkn Belly Bakery
My first paw step was to order the birthday cake.  Sampling treats and cakes is a specialty of mine.  I never pass up a good treat or a bite of cake.  I jumped for joy when my mom suggested hiring Barkn Belly Bakery to make my cake.  I love their donuts.

Rio and Oliver sharing a slice of cake.
Jesse Figueroa, owner and chef, is pawsitively friendly and very talented.  My mom had ordered, discussed, and confirmed what type of cake, frosting, design, and trim would be on my cake after a few conversations with Jesse. Mmmmmm... the entire cake was DELICKCIOUS!

Next paw step, photographer.  This was hooowwwling easy for me... Vernon Jacobs! Vernon is no stranger to dogs, Yorkies, or me.  I jump for the chance to sit and pose for Vernon.

Lilu and Mac
He frequently visits Happy Go Lucky during the holiday months.  Vernon's work has been featured in many of my posts such as, Happy times at Happy Go Lucky, The holidays are pawesome, and Howl-howl-howloween!

My new pal Triscuit!
Vernon is a friendly guy with a great eye and a lot of patience. And you need lots of patients when photographing my rambunctious animal pawty.  I admit that any canine can be hard to photograph. But I believe our canine pawesome-ness overwhelms most functions in a modern day camera, which makes it hard to capture our pawesome-ness on film. Humans have to be patient with the camera so that the perfect pose may be photographed. Vernon succeeded and produced some furrbulous portraits of me and my mates.

My Yorkie pals, Rio and Bullet, like Vernon too.
I have not found a dog or human who does not like Vernon's work or his personality.  My tail wagged a-mile-a-minute when he confirmed the date and time of my pawty with my mom. It is not Halloween or Christmas and yet, I get to see Vernon, woof wag wag woof!

My friend, Jun.
Location is everything.  I love to sniff, walk around, sniff some more, run around, and repeat.  Imagine this scenario with 15-20 dogs.  I need a big open space for this kind of activity.  I was also worried about getting my new birthday outfit dirty.  Therefore, hosting my pawty at the dog park was out of the question.

Clyde and I know how to work the camera! Woof!
Then I remembered my pal Jun celebrated her birthday at Sweet Doggies last October. I was not able to go to her pawty but I heard it was super fun.  I asked my mom, with lots of puppy dog eyes and belly-ups, if I could have my pawty at Sweet Doggies too. She agreed, of course.  Who can't resist puppy dog eyes?

Me, Rio, and Mac
Mom made an appointment for us to visit and tour Sweet Doggies.  On our tour, I went through a temperament and sociability evaluation. The evaluation was not required for the pawty room reservation. I passed, woof.

Coco and Dede
After my evaluation I sniffed around the pawty room.  I really liked the space.  It was big.  There was lots of items for my guests to jump on and toys to play with.  The staff was extremely nice and accommodating. We were sold.  My mom set up the reservation before we headed to the car.

Our families have fun taking our pictures.
The major details were set and now I was ready to send out my pawty invitations... a few weeks later my guest list was three biscuits long and I was ready to pawt-eeeee!

When the pawty started I was sniffing around in excitement.  The smell of the biscuit bar filled the room. The water bowls were next to paw print balloons and the humans had treats to munch on too. Everything was perfect and I had a furrtastic time! I would like to give TWO BIG WOOF WOOFS AND FOUR PAWS UP to my guests for making the pawty, a true animal pawty.  I thought we all pawtied like dog stars! I hope my next birthday celebration is just as furrtastic.


WHICH DOG, WHICH DESIGNER? Let's sniff it out...

Clyde is wearing his "Pup Idol" tank by East Side Collection.  He is accessorizing with a Up Country collar.

 Iris is wearing a tank by Ruff Ruff & Meow and is accessorizing with a Big Dogs collar.

Jun is wearing a polka dot sundress by Gooby.  She bought her outfit at HGL.

Coco is wearing a shirt by Little Berry.

Dede is wearing a harness by ipuppyone.

Rio is wearing a fancy metallic sterling Buddy Belt and accessorizing with a custom bow by Darlin Beauxs.

Bullet is wearing a fancy metallic sterling Buddy Belt.
I am wearing the Kelsey Vest by Ruff Ruff Couture.

A big bark-out to Clarla Ocfemia, Paw Patch Pastries owner and chef, for the birthday gift basket. The toy, cookies, and birthday shirt are pawesome!
Birthday package from Paw Patch Pastries

Wagging Abjuration: I think I know everyone's names but after sniffing butt for two hours, everything started to smell the same.  Please let me know if I have incorrectly mentioned or identified you in this post.

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