Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Paw-Hopping Easter!

I spent Easter with my my family and had a barking of good time.  I first headed to Half Moon Bay for a juicy hamburger and some time in the sand.

My first stop was to Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.  Dogs are allowed on the patio.  I fit right in.  There were big dogs and small dogs.  Dogs were on the floor, on the seats, and dogs were even eating at the table. Woof woof! I was so excited that I sat in my mom's lap the entire time.  I did not want to sit in my bag, on the floor, while my fellow canines could see above the table.

I had two choices for my meal, chicken breast or hamburger.  I ordered the chicken but found out that the chef seasoned the breast with rosemary, thyme, garlic, and oil. The waitress said she was sorry because she thought the chicken would be cooked plain.  My mom was afraid of me eating the oil and seasonings so we returned the chicken in exchange for the burger.  The burger was plain, hot, and juicy... mmmmmm!  My lips were smacking and my tongue was frantically licking up the juice.  I ate a third of my burger and was stuffed.  This was my first burger and not my last.  Nom nom!

I ended my first day of Easter strolling along the beach in search of smelly drift wood.  I like to sniff out wood, crabs, shells and anything else hidden in the sand.  I do not like the water.  If the water came to close I would run in the other direction.  Brrrrr!  The water is cold but the view is pawesome!

On Easter Sunday, I had my very own biscuit hunt. My mom hid special Easter biscuits while I played with the stuffed bunny and fake bunny ears.

Mooch, my catmate, is always showing up in my pictures.
I tried to kill the bunny until my mom told me to be nice to bunny.  I guess the stuffed bunny is not a toy. I started to chewy on the fake bunny ears. Kill the bunny ears!*

*no bunnies were harmed
I showed my pal Mooch how to hunt for biscuits too.  He was only interested in the plastic eggs with catnip inside.  Cats, they are suckers for the nip.  Here is a little video of me hunting for biscuits.

Hope everyone had a terrific Easter and remember, keep wandering...

My Easter biscuits were purchases at Happy Go Lucky Dog Boutique and made by Barkn Belly Bakery, http://www.barknbellybakery.com/.

Sojos organic catnip was purchases at Okashi Barkery, http://okashibarkery.com/.  Learn more about Sojos catnip at http://www.sojos.com/.

I am wearing two shirts, "friend me" and "Official Easter Egg Hunter," by I See Spot, http://www.iseespot.com.  I am also accessorizing with a Puppia harness, http://www.puppiaus.com.

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