Monday, April 15, 2013

My Star Wars Birthday Pawty, WOOF WOOF!

My 5th birthday pawty was out of this world!
I love celebrating my birthday. I love the dog cake, the treats, and hanging with my furiends. This year I had a Star Wars birthday pawty and it was WOOFTASTIC! We played games, ate dog pizza, dressed up as our favorite Star Wars characters, and devoured my birthday cake.

Every paw participated in the pawty games. I had three games to help my guest hone their Jedi skills. The first game was to guess how many treats were in the doggie water bottle. My furiend Nigel won, woof woof!

Nigel with his prizes!
The second game was called Find Chewy. Every paw had to find my face in the Star Wars collage and find me in the room. My furiends Obi and Jun tied and both won, woof woof!

Can you find me?
The last game was a Star Wars scramble. I used words related to me, my birthday, and Star Wars characters. My furiend Guido was the first paw to unscramble all of the words, woof woof! Congrats to all of the Jedi winners. The force is strong with each of you. Woof woof!

My pawty guest loved the pizza and treats!
I made sure my furiends were well fed at my Star Wars birthday pawty. I asked for dog pizza and my mom delivered. She used ground chicken for the crust, organic pumpkin puree for the pizza sauce, and Zukes Lil' Links for the pupperoni. All of my furiends had a slice and wanted more. I love chicken and ate three whole slices, WOOF WOOF!

You can't have a pawty without treats! My pal Rocky from Rocky's Gourmet Goodies supplied the yummy dessert. I served Apple A Day and Pumpkin Poppers to my pawty guests. All of my furiends crunched, swallowed, and begged for more.

Solo loves Rocky's treats!
A big WOOF WOOF AND FOUR PAWS UP to Rocky and Rocky's Gourmet Goodies for sending me these pawsitively delickious treats for my birthday pawty.

Solo and I as Han Solo and Chewbacca
My mom made my Chewbacca outfit. She used a dog shirt pattern to make the body and used a brown paper bag and tin foil to make my bandolier. Mommy made Solo's Han Solo vest using the same dog shirt pattern. She cut down the chest of the shirt so it could open into a vest.

Clyde as Darth Vadar
My pal Clyde wore a costume my mom made too. He was Darth Vadar. Mom used the dog shirt pattern to make Darth Vadar shirt, hand sewed pieces of fabric to make the breast plate, and attached a small cape to the back of the shirt.

Guido as a Ewok
Abbie as a Jedi Knight
Clyde's sister Iris as Yoda.
Most of my friends came as Ewoks and Jedi knights. All of the outfits were made by their parents too. Everypaw looked pawesome in their outfits!

My cake was super yummy. Natalie, owner of My Best Friend Specialty Pet Bakery, hand painted my portrait on the top of the cake, painted the sides blue, embellished the sides with stars, and used black and grey frosting for the trim. She made sure every detail of my cake was purfect for my Star War birthday pawty. Thanks Natalie!

Clyde and Iris love the cake.
Rio love it too!
Every canine at my pawty woofed down their slice and enjoyed licking every crumb off of their plate. I will never have another pawty without a cake from My Best Friend Specialty Pet Bakery.

By the end of my pawty, every pawtier had full bellies and was ready for a nap. I had a furtastic time at my fifth birthday pawty. Thank you to everyone for celebrating with me. I am one lucky wookie, woof woof! Until the next pawty... keep wandering.

To see more pictures from my birthday pawty CLICK HERE.

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