Friday, April 26, 2013

Carmel, second paw

Fountain of Woof in Carmel Plaza
I had a furtastic time touring Carmel last weekend. I brought my brother and was able to show him the coolest dog spots Carmel has to offer. This was his first visit so it made the trip that more exciting. During our visit, we strolled through the court yards, put our paws in the sand, ordered off the dog menu, shopped at Diggidy Dog, and paid our respects to the first dog of Carmel.

One of my favorite things to do in Carmel is sniff around the small courtyards surrounding Ocean Avenue. I took Solo and grandpa to see my favorite courtyard. The El Paseo Courtyard and Passageway is my favorite courtyard because of the sculpture by Jo Mora and the tiled staircases.

I first sniffed upon this courtyard during my first trip to Carmel. I was tired and laid down on the cool multicolored tiles to rest. I was in heaven. After a little rest and some encouragement from my mom, I got up and venture further into the courtyard, through a small passageway, and found a statue called "The Greeting." I liked this statue which showcases a lady curtsying and man bowing. I don't know how to bow but I sure do love posing with the lady and the man. So does my brother, woof!

Solo and I
Next, I walked down to Carmel beach with my family. It was a really long walk for my brother and I. We walked from Carmel Plaza, zigzagged down Ocean Avenue, all the way down to the end so our paws could feel the sand between our pads.

We did not stay at the beach long since we were really tired from the long walk. Grandpa helped us out and strolled Solo and I back up Ocean Avenue for some lunch.

strolling to lunch
I wanted to show my brother the Dog Pound Menu at Forge in the Forest. He loves ordering off dog menus as much as I do. We ordered the chicken, of course. However, the portions are huge and we decided to share our meal. There is nothing worse than wasting yummy chicken.

We love ordering off dog menus! Woof woof!
Once our bellies were full, we headed over to Diggidy Dog for a quick look at their clothes. My brother could not leave Carmel without a Diggidy Dog tank top. We both tried on a variety of tank tops until we found the right color and size for both of us. We got lots of treats from the staff and even sniffed a few butts in between fittings.

Before leaving Carmel we had to sniff out one dog tourist spot I had not visited before. I wanted to pay my respects to Pal, the first dog of Carmel. His grave is located at the Forest Theater which is a quick five minute drive from Carmel Plaza.

Pal's grave
Pal's headstone
We sniffed, sat, and paid our respects to Pal. We also walked around to sniff in the natural beauty of the outdoor theater. Hopefully, my brother and I will come back later this year to watch our first stage show. We cannot wait, woof woof!

paying our respects to Pal
I am wagging with joy that my brother and grandpa came with me during my second trip to Carmel. I love the city, I love the food, and I love the shopping. I cannot wait to bring my furiends to Carmel. I know they will love the city as much as I do. Woof woof! Until then, keep wandering.

Who are we wearing? I was wearing a red and grey stripped Diggidy Dog tank. Solo was wearing a red, white, and blue peace sign tank by I See Spot. We are both accessorizing with bamboo and blue lagoon Buddy Belts. We strolled around in our camo 1st Class 3-Wheel Jogger by PetZip.

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