Sunday, April 7, 2013

Misa Minnie is pawsitively brilliant!


Step over Lassie, there is a new smart pup in town! Meet Misa Minnie. She is a spunky 6 month old Yorkshire Terrier that loves playing with toys and expanding her repertoire of tricks.

Misa Minnie began her Facebook journey on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 3:07pm. What started out as a day by day account of Misa Minnie's growth turned into a Yorkie showcase of weekly tricks on YouTube. It did not take long for Misa Minnie's quick learning skills to turn into a canine cultural phenomenon. She can weave through bottles, close doors, show she is sad, and much much more.

Misa Minnie's most popular trick, playing Patty Cake, has reach over 184,000 views and has been featured in a number of television shows and websites. For example,,, and are just a few sites where you could see Misa Minnie playing patty cake. Check out her Right This Minute segment below:

After watching all of her videos, I was instantly a Misa Minnie fan. But I knew there was more to her than rolling over and playing patty cake. I had the pleasure of barking it out with Misa Minnie to sniff out more details about her rise to fame, her taste in fashion, and her favorite toys.

You have your own blog titled "Me So Mini Misa." How did you come up with this name?
Well the blog name all started with the story of my name. Mom wanted to name me something meaningful, cute, and different when she got me. My original name was suppose to be "Miso" Minnie so it would sound like Me so Mini or I am so Mini. Minnie was from Minnie Mouse since mom is a Disney Fan and also a play on my size. But her roommate though it sounded like a boy because of the japanese food miso soup. So we changed the "O" to an "A" and found out that Misa actually meant beautiful sand in japanese or 美沙= one-hundredth of a million beautiful. She loved both meanings because of her love of the beach and because she also though that I would be a special pup one day. Then they couldn't decide whether they liked Misa Minnie or Minnie Misa. So when we were creating my blog we added everything together Me So Mini Misa or I am a small misa. I hope that all makes sense!

You have been in numerous Youtube videos, have over 8000 likes on Facebook, and are featured in many news broadcasts and articles.  How do you feel about your rise in celebrity status?
It's a little overwhelming for me right now. Who would have thought that little old me would have been thrown into the spotlight so quickly? I feel very blessed and happy to have so much support from everyone, it is amazing!

Not all Yorkies like to be on camera. I like the to pose for the camera and my brother would rather run around for videos. Do you like to be on camera, whether it is a photo shoot or on video ? Do you prefer one over the other?
I like being video taped better because I get more treats and when mom has the camera out that means she's going to spend a lot of time with me training or playing. Photo sessions are fun and can be exciting when I get to model clothes but I would pick video over photo any day.

You are very photogenic in your photographs.  What advice do you have for aspiring Yorkie models?
Keep your chin up, tilt those ears, and make sure to give the camera your best puppy beg eyes. It gets them every time. Even if you're not a puppy you can still tap into you inner cuteness. Remember what Tyra Banks the human model says you have to Smize! Smile with your eyes. You can always practice with your person to get extra treats too!

I am a Yorkie who loves to wear clothing. You seem to love wearing clothes too. What are your favorite outfits and where do you like to wear them?
One of my favorite outfits is my hello kitty Pjs by CedricNLola, they don't fit me any more but mom promises to buy me a new pair. They are extra comfortable and cute and I love wearing them around the house and sometimes even out for a walk when its cold outside! Its my go to outfit on chilly days. Another outfit I'm very fond of is my Hello Kitty Safari Suit. It is perfect for when I'm having an adventure and comfortable when I need to explore the wilderness of the backyard grass. It is also quite stylish. You could say it was Steve Erwin inspired.

I have seen a video of you playing with a variety of toys. My brother Solo loves toys. Which toy do you like to play with the most?
My absolute favorite toy is my pink teddy bear Peeka. She's shown in a lot of my earlier photos. I absolutely adore her. She is my first and favorite toy and I bring her everywhere with me. Usually mom has a hard time finding her because I like to hide her so no one can take her. She was actually named by my fans on facebook when we had a poll on what name they thought would suit her.

You also use props when showing off your tricks. I like watching you weave through containers. What additional types of toys and props will you incorporate into your future training sessions?

Now that we can't tell you Chewy. You'll just have to see! We have a lot of things in mind for what we want to learn next and there are some props involved. Somethings you've never seen used before. We want to keep everyone guessing so I guess you'll all have to wait and see.

Misa Minnie is small but she is also an intellectually savvy Yorkshire Terrier. She has risen to stardom in a short period of time and her fan base is still growing. I have been inspired by Misa's ability to learn so many tricks at such a young age. Maybe one day my brother and I can learn to play patty cake with one another...until then keep wandering and practicing those tricks.


  1. Love this lil girl!

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for the interview :D

  3. I don't find anything about the owner of this dog exploiting it, cute in the least bit! I pray it lives longer than her previous dogs who either perished in her care or she "gave away"! Keep in mind her owner is mid 20s & has had FOUR dogs die in her care

    1. How do you know this to be true? And if true why hasn't she been reported? And what is the owner's name?

    2. I know the owner of Misa, and she's one of the sweetest kindest people you'll ever meet. On top of that, in response to other previous comments made, her other dogs died due to diseases or health complications, NOT neglect or misconduct. In fact, her owner is actually having issues with one of her eyes right now, and has to sell her car and cancel a lot of other things she has to make payments to get surgery. She easily could have sold Misa with all her fame to get money to help with the surgery, but she hasn't because she loves the dog very much.

  4. Misa Minnie Update! Misa Minnie just passed her therapy dog test. Her mom and Misa Minnie have worked hard to pass this test. Congratulations Misa Minnie.

    See Misa Minnie pass her therapy test at

  5. There is one in every crowd. You have to wonder what is going on with someone who posts ugly, hateful comments such as above. Little Misa is so precious and is obviously happy and treated well by her owner. I could watch her for hours.

  6. When I first saw Misa I instantly adored her. I've never seen a dog that little and cute be so smart. She listened to every command and did it like a pro. I would to teach my dog those tricks. I wonder where did her mother buy all the cute toys like the grocery cart and the art easel etc. Is Miss Minnie' s mom a professional trainer cause she does an awesome job on training Miss Minnie. Thumbs up triple times for you both!