Saturday, October 13, 2012

What type of harness do you wear?

I love to accessorize with my outfits.  I can add a cute collar or a cool hat to my clothing ensemble.  I have lots of choices when pulling together an outfit but I always need to wear my harness.

side view buddy belt in bamboo
Harnesses are the greatest invention for dogs.  Any dog with trachea, neck, and/or back problems should consider accessorizing with a harness. I am a Yorkie with a long body.  I am 12 inches long from the nape of my neck to the base of my tail. My brother Solo also has a long body and measures at 11 inches long. Our long bodies and sensitive tracheae are the main reasons why we wear harnesses.

my bro and I sleeping comfortably in puppia
I have tried on a variety of harnesses in my lifetime but only two harness designers have appealed to my inner bark.  Puppia and Buddy Belts are two of my favorite harnesses.

puppia in camo
I like my Puppia harness because of the soft fabric and quick release snaps. I have one complaint about the Puppia harness; I have to push my head through the harness when putting it on. I don't like to mess up my hair while squeezing my head through the neck hole. This is why I tried out the Buddy Belt.

buddy belt in dogzilla
The Buddy Belt is a step-in harness.  I do not have to push my head through in order to put on my belt.  More importantly, the Buddy Belt comes in a variety of cool colors and textures.  My favorite color is Lagoon and my brother likes Dogzilla.  Similar to the Puppia, I found one thing troublesome with the Buddy Belt. The leather stretches very easily.  I now buy my buddy belts a half size smaller. This allows me to break in my Buddy Belt while maintaining a tight fit.

puppia in camo (right) and buddy belt in bamboo (left)
I have been asked on numerous occasions if I cough or choke while wearing my harnesses. I admit I am not the best walker. I like to pull on the leash at the beginning of my walks.  I know, I know. This is a really bad habit but I cannot help myself.  I love walks and get really excited.  I always choke when I pull on the leash.  My Puppia harness covers my lower neck and my entire chest.  This causes a lot of strain on my trachea and my neck.  This even happens when I wear my Buddy Belts. The Buddy Belts only cover my chest but I still cough due to the strap that cross my chest.

One day, my friend Jun overheard my mom talking about my pulling, choking, and coughing habits when taking a walk.  Jun recommended that I try a choke-free harness.  They are designed to sit low on a dog's shoulders to eliminate pressure on a dog's neck and throat. I had to try this out for myself.

cousin Obi trying on Jun's choke-free harness (this is his happy face)
I ran to my iBone and ordered my choke-free harness from Sassy Pup.  There was a wide variety of colors to choose from. Each harness also comes with a paw print or flower embellishment.  I think the paw and flower adds a cool flare to the choke-free harness.

I received my harness within a week.  The choke-free harness slipped on nicely.  I stepped into the harness and mom attached the velcro straps against my shoulder blades.  I immediately noticed that the choke-free harness sat 1/2 inch lower on my chest when compared to the Buddy Belt.  The harness fit over my clothes nicely and was very comfortable to wear.

walking for canine breast cancer in my choke free harness (right)
I have taken over 10 walks in my choke-free harness. I also walked two miles in my harness to support canine breast cancer. So far, I have not choked or coughed while wearing my choke-free harness.  Plus, I don't push my head through and the leather is not stretched out. This is definitely a harness I could wear every day, to every occasion, and with every outfit.

choke free black with paw print
I highly recommend the choke-free harness to any dog.  Order one and try it out. As an added bonus, the choke-free harness is Made in the USA and comes in a variety of matte and shiny hues. Keep wandering while accessorizing with your choke-free harness. Woof!

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