Sunday, October 28, 2012

I had a tail-wagging Howl'oween!

I love Howloween! I get to eat treats and play dress up.  I think my mom likes the dress up part more than Solo and I, but we don't mind the attention when wearing cool looking costumes. This year my brother and I attended three Howloween events and wore a variety of costumes.

image by Vernon Jacobs
We  attended a Howloween Birthday Bash with our social group on October 21st. We had a furtastic time hanging out and shopping at Okashi Barkery. We took photos with all of our friends and ate as many treats as we could.

I loved the Trick or Treat bar. I was always sniffing the floor and did lots of tricks for the lamb lung treats. Solo spent most of the time on the pink sofa while posing for pictures. My brother is a little hamball when posing for pictures.

we tried on clothes that made us look stylish, woof.
We also enjoyed posing for photos with Vernon Jacobs and singing happy birthday to all of the October, November, and December birthday pups. Our friend Jun hired Vernon to take Howloween pictures in celebration of her birthday. Thanks Jun! You can see all of the cool photos by Vernon on my facebook page.
Solo getting a bday kiss from his girlfriend Jun
Solo's birthday is in December too. He was one of the extra special pups who celebrated Howloween and his birthday during this one big event.

mom clowned around with us too
A week later, Solo and I attended Gussied Up Dog Boutiques' 9th Annual Doggie Social and Costume Parade in Willow Glen. Solo and I strolled up and down Lincoln Avenue with our friends and collected many tasty treats. There were 19 places to pick up treats, coupons, and look over merchandise. The last stop was at Gussied Up where we received a raffle ticket. We did not win any raffle items but the bag full of treats was good enough for our tummies.

Our parents also received a big piece of cake at the end of our trick or treating excursion. Kim, owner of Gussied Up, knows how to spoil us and our parents. Woof woof!

hanging outside of Gussied Up with my canine friends
Our last event, Strut Your Mutt Howloween Pet Parade and Costume Contest, was held in Palo Alto's Town and Country Village. Registration for each dog was $20 and one hundred percent of the proceeds went to the Humane Society Silicon Valley. We did not mind our $40 registration fee since the money would help save animal lives. After we paid, we each received a goodie bag and waited for the festivities to begin.

anyone need some ketchup on their hot dog?
The organizers were a bit overwhelmed and canceled the parade because too many dogs were in attendance. We were bummed the parade was canceled but each dog was able to walk across the stage for the costume contest. We did not win but we did like the head scratches by the fans after our fifteen seconds on stage.

we saw a flapper and a witch
Jun sparkled in her furmaid costume and crown
After the event, we visited Touleh Pet Boutique and ate crunchy cheese treats with our friend Jun.  They were tasty. Eating treats is pawesome and eating twice as much during each Howloween event is doubly pawesome! Woof, woof!

put a fork in us. we are done
I love, love, love Howloween and cannot wait for more Howloween next year.  This was my brother's first Howloween and he had a blast. The only thing we need is a bigger trick or treat bag for next year... nom nom nom!

Who are we wearing? So many costumes and so little time to wear them all. Here is a breakdown of what Solo and I wore for each Howloween event. Solo and I wore clown costumes by Pampet USA while at Okashi Barkery. While attending Gussied Up's Howloween event, Solo wore a blue one-eyed monster suit and I wore a skeleton suit both by Casual Canine. I got creative and wore a chicken hat with my skeleton costume half way through the Gussied Up event. I borrowed the chicken hat from my cat roommate Nibbles. While in Palo Alto, Solo wore a Heinz ketchup costume by Rasta Imposta and I wore a hot dog with ketchup costume by Casual Canine.

Solo's favorite outfit - the clown suit
My fav - I liked my chicken bones costume
Keep wandering.

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