Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bark for a cure and Iris! Woof woof!

Walking for canine cancer is the only way to wander around in October.  I know many pups like to wander around on Howloween and eat treats, but raising awareness for canine cancer and honoring a dear friend is on the top of our October to-do list.

 (left to right) Clyde, Solo, and I resting before the walk
My brother and I participated in Morris Animal Foundation's annual K9 Cancer Walk on September 30, 2012. The entire event raised over $53 thousand dollars for canine cancer research! Solo and I walked the long and short course. I completed the entire 2.5 miles in 45 minutes.  My brother had a harder time.  He is only 10 months old so his little paws were tired after a mile.  Solo spent the rest of the time sitting in mom's Soft Touch Pet Pocket while I finished the walk for both of us.

Our dear friend Iris was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. My brother and I were saddened by the news. Our friend Clyde is Iris' little brother. Clyde walked with me last year and this year we chose to walk in honor of Iris. October is also breast cancer awareness month so we knew we found the perfect moment to support Iris.

"we walk for Iris and canine breast cancer"
Mom printed out signs for all of us to wear. We also wore pink to help make our awareness of canine breast cancer known to others. Many humans and canines were shocked to hear about Iris having breast cancer. I admit it. Sniff sniff sniff. I had no clue dogs could get breast cancer until I heard about Iris. I then learned that unspayed dogs have a 26% chance of developing mammary tumors. That is a shocking statistic, hhoowwll.

Iris in decorated surgery bandage
Iris had one surgery to remove her mammary tumor found earlier this year. She has recovered from her surgery, but doctor's have found another tumor in another one of her mammary glands. Iris and her family are currently discussing future medical options with her veterinarian.

Solo and I were honored to walk on behalf of Iris at the K9 Cancer Walk. We wish her all the best and a speedy recovery in any future medical decisions. We love you Iris! Woof woof!

Iris Margaret Boots - You are our superwoman!

Keeping wandering.

Who are we wearing? We made our outfits this year. Solo and I visited our local thrift store in search of 0-3 month old baby shirts in pink. I found two identical pink tank tops for Solo and Clyde to wear. They have the same wooftastic foster mom and I thought it would be cool if they wore matching outfits. I found a pink t-shirt with a picture of a mouse on the front for myself.

Mom shortened my shirt and resewed the sleeves. She also shortened the belly section of Solo's tank top, tailored in the sides, and resewed the straps. We liked being the only dogs in pink homemade shirts. You will definitely see us in pink again next year!

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